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Need Advice.

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by ZTZ1010, Apr 21, 2008.

    ZTZ1010 guest

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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forum but I know a great deal of you are experts when it comes to BMW, so I definately need some advice. Here is my story.

    Went in March 21, ordered my 328xi to my spec. Was told the order was placed, car delivery first week of may. Call ten days later to double check something unrelated for my X3 and decided to speak to my sales rep. Manager picks up from my sales rep's extension, begins to explain how 'sorry' he is, but my rep has had personal problems and has been out. End result - order was not submitted. Had been sitting on his desk for ten days.

    April 1, re-ordered. Dealt with a different sales rep, with sales manager overlooking the whole thing. Gave us a large discount for the screw up, and are given a May 15 delivery date. Car was 112 status from the go. Was told it would not be anymore then 6-7 weeks. Since april 4th, BMW OC says 'on order' and 800# says "scheduled for production with no confirmed date of completion", same satuts since april 4th. I returned from vacation Saturday the 19th, and began getting a bit nervous after being told repeatedly that production does not take that long, and the 800# is very accurate. Called back, spoke to a person only to be told the car is scheduled for a week 19 production, first week of May. Interesting because we have a May 15th delivery date, and the boat obviously takes two weeks minimum. I told the person who took my call and she advised that I call my dealer because they were obviously not going to meet the date they had given me. FOR THE SECOND TIME.

    Absolutely furious, and I realize now I should have left the dealer and reordered from somewhere else after the first mishap. Sales manager has not returned any of the two messages left for him today, or my emails within the past week. The main problem with waiting is I'm moving to Virginia for college sometime around then because I'm getting my own place... and I needed the car to drive down because it's going to be kept down there with me... Any suggestions? Or do I just have to suck it up and wait the extra few weeks?


    Autohaus guest

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    I say ditch the dealership, complain to BMW NA, get your deposit back and order from another BMW dealership ASAP. With that car, you would be the big cheese around campus......
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    Generally, it sounds like the situation is that the dealership and the sales manager in this instance have not followed through for you, for whatever reason. The reasons why don't really matter, the point is the delay in the delivery of the vehicle from when you were expecting to get it apparently may end up causing an inconvenience for you. I say may because it sounds like your departure dates/plans are not absolutely set in stone just yet, and you haven't gotten a firm delivery date for the car.

    If you want the car sooner rather than later, I'd suggest figuring out a way to work it out w/ the dealership. If you re-order now, it'll take even longer to get it.

    Not returning your calls may suggest the sales manager might be avoiding dealing with you for some reason. If they've screwed up, the mature and responsible response to the customer is to acknowledge the mistake and explain as clearly as possible what the status of the situation is and when the car is expected. Typically, with an admission that the problem has been theirs, I would think they would, for good will's sake, be willing to do something to satisfy or at least attempt to resolve the issue or problem.

    Personally, I would be inclined to go to the dealership and talk with the sales manager and calmly explain what you feel has happened, how you feel about it, and the situation you're in with it. If you're furious, it's ok to express that, but I doubt if you go in screaming it'll make things any better. I would also consider mentioning that even if you don't know why the sales manager didn't return your calls or emails, it makes it look as if they're avoiding you, and that you would appreciate the same courtesy as any other paying customer, you deserve a response to your attempts to contact them.

    Find out what the status of the car is, the expected delivery date, and explain your ordering of the vehicle was done with an expected completion and delivery date that worked with your other plans. And, since there has now been this delay, you may need to leave at a certain point, leaving you in a bind over your X3 and travel plans, and getting the new car to your new locale.

    If they can understand clearly what your needs are, then you and the dealership presumably should be able to figure out what the dealer can do, or is willing to do, to solve the problem.

    Hope it works out favorably on your behalf. I don't think things sound hopeless from what your saying, so I wouldn't abandon the dealer and the car without trying to figure something out. If the dealer is difficult, unwilling, or seemingly impossible to deal with, then perhaps you might have to consider getting the car from a dealer where you'll be or something like that - but again, then you have to wait that much longer for it. I would think they would be anxious to make it work, otherwise they get stuck with your car that they have to sell.

    ZTZ1010 guest

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    Thanks for the great advice! I'm going in to speak with him tomorrow morning.

    E86HotWheels guest

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    I've never tried this but there is the Ombudsmen who may be able to assist. If those reading this have tried using the Ombudsmen, what was your experience?

    National Service Officers - Ombudsmen
    Insight, help on disputes after you’ve exhausted other avenues.
    Dwayne Mosely Ombudsman 864 987-9446 (M-F: 7-9pm ET; Sat-Sun: Noon-5pm) dwaynemosely@att.net


    porsche911targa guest

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    Hi, new to this site but CCA member for 11 years. Reading your thread in August and am curious as to what happened with your order. Did you get the car? From the same dealer? I hope everything worked out for you.


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