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Need advice on shocks for 1995 E34 525i

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by sehmramirez@mac.com, Aug 31, 2010.

    sehmramirez@mac.com guest

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    Hello, I need to replace front shocks and probably rear on my wife's car. I need to know if KYB's would work or if anyone out there can recommend what type or choice and where to find them (source)to use. Want close to stock handling/ride but if improved slightly that would work as well. Having independent shop replace them. Thank you for your time and help/direction. Rob
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    Definitely recommend Bilstein's. I personally would choose the sport model, but since it's your wife's car and I assume she's not much of a sporting driver, Bilstein HD's would work perfectly for her.
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    John in VA

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    Bilstein Sport shocks & struts are meant for use with lowering springs. Heavy Duty will be an improvement over stock handling. If you want a close-to-stock ride, use their Touring products or Sachs/Boge (the original) units.

    Johan guest

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    KYB's will be stiffer than you think, years ago when I was young I had a 2002 and paperboy wages. I installed KYB's all the way around. They worked fine but they were considerably stiffer than stock. The Billies are the way to go but like you said its your wife's car and it would what she wants.
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    X2. I've found that a very close match to stock is the Boge Turbo Gas. Bilstein Tourings would be a close second. For the wife, I would NOT go to Bilstein HD and, as John correctly points out, the Bilstein Sport is for shorter springs only (and they're valved the same as HDs).
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    I don't know if the sports are valved the same as HDs on the E34. I have a chart somewhere, though.

    russellc guest

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    New Boge front and rear struts/shocks works for me. Ride is is much better, cornering and rough road control is also much better. Still have a "thump" in back over hard edge bumps. Believe itis sub frame "beer cans". They are original.
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    Greg E34

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    KYB = Keep Your Bilsteins. Bilstein is the way to go. Touring Class or Heavy Duty for a non lowered application.

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