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Natural Aspiration - VS - Super Charge - VS - Turbo

Discussion in 'E24 M6 (1987-1998)' started by ewjohnsonii, Sep 30, 2011.

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    I own the number #81, 1987 BMW M6, I want more power, and I've been asking around how I should go about it. I would perfer NA, but most are telling me turbo. So I've asked the turbo likers why not super charge in that case. I would like 550bhp. Its already been chipped, upgraded intake which I'm not happy with due to it taking power away for some reason, upgraded exhaust, shocks, struts, struct tower bar, poly bushings, and tuned a little. I would like to add adjustable camber and stiffen the rear, she slides like I'm a professional drifter, and I'm not. Is there also a rear strut tower bar that can be built in the trunk. I'm told by one company that I can get the 550hp, and by others that I would be happy with 450 to 480 NA: naturally aspirated. Any professional suggestions welcomed, without molesting my engine.

    I don't mind changing to a 3.8 or 3.9 whatever is best, if anyone knows better please advise. I welcome any head, piston, rod, and cam suggestions. or whatever anyone may know about or have experienced.

    Also waiting for someone to tell me, not to touch it at all...lol...

    Maybe too power hungry,

    Ernest Winford Johnson II

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