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N63 V8 engine upgrade?

Discussion in 'F10/F11 (2010-2017)' started by sar67, Jul 23, 2019.


N63 engine updates

Poll closed Aug 22, 2019.
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    I participated in the class-action "Bang Settlement" for owners of N63 V8 engines 2008 - 2013. Being that my engine, at the time of settlement, had over 120k miles, it did not qualify for an engine replacement which would have had BMW take care of 70% of the cost of a new engine installed. Mine is a 2011 550i manual with, now, 198,000 miles. The V8 was the first iteration of BMW's V8 and, fortunately under warranty and extended service warranty, it had its twin turbos and valve guides replaced.

    I read at this link https://web.archive.org/web/2015010...bmw-offers-customer-care-package-n63-engines/ that for the life of my car I can receive BMW's Customer Care Package. I just wrote to the BMWGenius to inquire. I am hoping that a dealer can check the engine for the various parts this care package provides.

    My question is, because I am interested in replacing my car with another V8 and do not want the same aggrevation, at what year did BMW revise and improve the N63 which eliminated the inherent problems of the first series of N63 engines?

    If you do not know the answer to this qquestion, please comment on the successes or failures of your V8 N63 engine after 2012, because I know that the first revision to the engine was 2013, but do not know if that revision eliminated the problems I had. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Appreciatively. Mark Saracino
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    I don't have that engine so no direct experience to share -

    This thread about half-way through the 1st page, (replies #14 & 15) someone lays out the differences in the N63tu.


    As opposed to some of the optimism reflected there, there's these:



    This was posted in January of last year, their observations aren't the most positive harbinger that might be hoped for -


    The carbon buildup issue is something that's surely an issue for any direct-injection engine in time. Labor-intensive to address so therefore $$$, but, as an issue, that pales in comparison to the heat soak & heavy oil consumption problems.

    I think you're out of luck on a manual trans on any big-motored (per-se) bimmer anymore though. I think the few left now with manual trans are 2/3/4's or their M-versions. I have to imagine it would be hopelessly complicated to make work with all the engine control systems, but out of curiosity it would be interesting if it were possible to de-turbo the N63tu, forgoing all the hp & torque, but also all the turbo & turbo-heat related problems too. Getting by on what performance the engine would have as a V8 in naturally-aspirated form. There was a time when Jaguar engines were so bad it wasn't so unusual to see someone swap in an LS1 - perhaps something similar to that comes again someday for turbo-V8 bimmers.
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    M, Thank you for the very informartive links. As my car continues to drink oil like a drunken-sailor with its 198k miles, I hope the Murphy case comes to fruition with we settled plaintiffs from the Bang Settlement included. Below are the two recent court actions as seen on the second link you provided. Ciao, Mark

    Jun 18, 2019

    Submission of 12 MOTION to Dismiss MOTION for Oral Argument, 15 MOTION to Dismiss Plaintiffs' First Amended Complaint, 16 MOTION for Oral Argument re 15 MOTION to Dismiss Plaintiffs' First Amended Complaint, to District Judge Jean-Paul Boulee. (rsg)


    Jul 3, 2019

    ORDER denying as moot Defendant BMW of North America, LLC's Motion to Dismiss and, Alternatively Motion to Sever 12 as an Amended Complaint has been filed. Signed by Judge Jean-Paul Boulee on 7/3/19. (ddm) (Entered: 07/03/2019)
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    M, Here is the letter I am sending to one of the atrtorneys for the Moore vs BMW case.

    Hello Mr Rizzi, Thank you for the informative update. I believe the suit you are referring to is Moore vs. BMW seen at this link. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/8344483/moore-v-bmw-of-north-america-llc/I believe the N63 engine was produce in 2008 for a start year of 2009 whereby you list that the issue started as seen in the paragraph beneath the chart "...since 2012". I owe a BMW 550i manual with the N63 engine. I participated in the Bang case and received $443.00 in the settlement. Much to my chagrin, no itemization was provided with the check or explanation for the renumberation. My car started to consume excessive oil, as reported to my dealer under an extended service warranty, at 71k miles. Regrettably, I could not obtain any more that this small dollar amount because my car when the settlement was reached and mutally agreed upon had over 120k miles on it. I spoke with one of the attorneys who represented we plaintiffs and he confirmed that any vehicle, when the case was settled, that had over 120k would not qualify for an engine replacement. A chart is seen in the Bang Settlement papers which lists cars diagnosed with the excessive oil consumption, as mine was by a BMW dealer, of between 70 - 80k miles would require the manufacturer to pay 70% of the expense of an engine replacement. Not so for we who drove our cars more than what appears to be the national average of annual miles driven. We who drove more than 120k miles at the time of settlement should not benefit MORE because we suffered more and longer. Fortunetely under the warranty and extended service warranty, my turbos burned-up at 48k and valve guides at 70k.I see in the chart in your article that toe 2011 550i N63 engines are not included in the recent class-action suite which i believe is Moore vs BMW. Would you be kind to comment on whether I can participate in this class-action> . I appreciate your time and efforts for my behalf.Mark Saracino mark.saracino1@juno.com BMW CCA member# 95548
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    I remember stories of the replacements of Jag engines. The service rep said that it is impossible to disable the turbos.

    For decades, we manual purchasers paid no extra for our transmission whereby the automatic buyers paid handsomely. We manual die-hards would gladly pay more for a manual.

    The cars that I have recently test-driven, 4,5 and 7-series iterations, seen to be far from the original BMW 'motor sport-enthusist' with padded seats, soft suspensions and, of course, no manuals.

    Have you heard that the manula may return in the 5-series/

    Have a nice Summer.


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