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My car got keyed

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by stabish, Jun 23, 2010.

    stabish guest

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    Well some douche bag keyed my car last night i have scratches on both sides of the car & they are DEEP. I took it to the dealership find out repainting is the only solution also took it to the nearby detail shop & they also recommend to get the whole car repainted. I would like to know if i can get a touch up job or maybe buff em out or if i get it repainted would it depreciate my car value?

    Any feedback will be highly appreciable. Thanks in advance

    alstroberg guest

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    Why not try?

    If your trusted resources said repaint, first go ahead & try a little touch-up paint, or rubbing compound & see if that's good enough for you. If not, go ahead & paint, you will have lost nothing.
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    sorry to hear that man, even with touch up paint, if it's been keyed deeply you'll still be able to see where it is, shame that people can't respect others property
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    Agreed you have little to lose by trying but expect to fail miserably. It's rare enough to make an invisible repair to a simple stone chip--do you really expect to be able to touch up deep gouges, several feet long, and not be able to see the repair? I promise you a touch-up job will hurt your resale value a lot more than a quality repaint.

    I assume you're insured, so just DO NOT let your insurance carrier railroad you into using a cheap shop. Insist on using a BMW Certified body shop--your dealer can also refer you to one, unless they are one--and insist that your insurer cover the full cost, less your deductible of course. With a new-ish car that should not be an issue.

    The ability to show proof that your car was repainted to the highest standards will keep your loss to the bare minimum.
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    I had several deep scratches on my BMW when I bought it (got a great deal because of it). If you can catch your finger nail in the scratch it is through the clear coat and can not be buffed out; and you will not be happy with touchup paint on a long scratch. I tried every product on the marked but finally decided to have several panels repainted on the car. The price was reasonable and you can not tell the repainted parts from the original ones; no need for a complete paint job.

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