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My 750iL experienced some minor but sad vandalism

Discussion in 'E32 (1988-1994)' started by bcweir, Apr 9, 2010.

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    I just wish there was a 6-speed E32 750iL...
    That would be THE beast to have.

    Looks like yours is wearing a white dinner jacket. :)

    If we're talking about car clothes, I guess you can consider mine to be wearing a red VALET JACKET. lol
    (May I take your keys sir? *drives away doing a burnout in the process* :D :D)
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    Actually I know of one person who HAS converted his E32 750 to a 6-speed manual

    His name is Sanjeev, and he's on Bimmerboard.com in the E32 section.

    His car is also unique in the regard that reportedly it's both turbocharged and supercharged (one of each). How he did that in the already-crowded engine bay of a 750 I will never know, and he's in no hurry to explain how he pulled it off.

    I've seen pictures of both the engine room and of the six speed shifter (copped from an 850CSi spare part), and by that, the car actually exists. He reports the manual has some pretty heavy clutch effort, which makes the car a pain to drive in stop and go city traffic.

    It's a pretty impressive machine.

    Thanking God that it's not wearing a BOWTIE.

    Forbes put out a story yesterday listing the seven worst new cars in terms of safety and reliability. All seven made by the Big 3, and of those, FOUR GM vehicles made the list.

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