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My 507 project

Discussion in '507 roadster (1954-1959)' started by a12pilot, Jun 17, 2022.

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    Hi Gang,

    Figured this might be a good place to post my little project. I’ve always loved the BMW 507 and knowing I’ll never actually own one, what’s the next best thing? Build one from scratch, that’s what!!! I decided to take on the project of building one based on a 1/18th scale model. I scanned the model and made a full sized body buck. I then started to make the body panels out of steel and have already fabricated the front and rear sections. I’m now starting into building the frame as of today. I’ll post up more photos soon but wanted to get the thread going. It’s been a fun road so far and I’ve made many friends from different sites that have helped me along the way. Two gentleman have been instrumental in helping me in all aspects of my build. Everything from metal forming to diagrams, dimensions, and scans off a real 507 for comparison reference. Invaluable information. I think I know this car in and out with every inch being studied and documented.

    Here’s a few of my project with more to come. I hope you’ll enjoy following along!


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