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Motorsport & Ult. Driver pkg. pricing - driver's school price included or not?

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2013' started by MGarrison, Mar 1, 2013.

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    The pricing schedule makes it appear as if one driver's school is included in the Motorsports pkg., & 4 in the Ult. Driver pkg., but choosing the Motorsports pkg., the site registration starts off including the Wed. driver's school, so I changed the preferred day to Friday, added a Saturday driver's school, & the registration appears to be adding a charge for both, although changing to the desired days.

    I'm sure the office can sort it out, but that makes it look like it's better to choose the social package, and add the auto-x and two days of driving school ($910) than the $1170 charge it's showing me - If the only difference between the social pkg. and Motorsports pkg. is a day of auto-x, then it would appear signing up for the Motorsports pkg. means paying $260 for the auto-x, instead of $35 for the auto-x added to the Social pkg. price.

    If 1 day of driver's school is included with the Motorsports pkg., shouldn't adding an additional driver's school day be priced $580 + $295, or $875?

    Minor functional glitch of the registration?
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    We are working on the Motorsport Package so it calculates correctly.
    Nothing will be charged before reviewed.

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