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Member 301090 228i, F22 Tires?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by 301090, Dec 20, 2019.

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    301090 Doug

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    I have a 2016 228i M Sport stick shift with low profile tires. I am usually in Florida when the weather turns in New England so I have not had to drive in poor weather, until this year. I would like to convert to an All Weather tire, preferably a Perrelli 225 40 18.Does anyone have experience with this situation and can you respond with comments or suggestions.
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    I guess it depends on how much you use, value, or like the performance of the stock tires. BMW has been using pretty sticking stock tires for many models that end up with limited tread life, with the typical situation being with staggered wheels and tire sizes the rears are worn out by 20k and the fronts nowhere near. Some people don't mind that, some do. My own preference is a square setup of all seasons on all 4 corners and rotate fronts to rears to even out wear - that means having the same size wheels front and back, so sometimes there may be a fitment issue on the front, and either sourcing matching rear wheels to install up front or, buying a new set of wheels. For my purposes, almost all street driving is non-performance oriented enough that all seasons are fine - but, I'm not in New England - you could always get a dedicated set of wheels and snow tires, but snows will wear out faster if they're used much in non-winter conditions. For most driving, all seasons probably should work pretty well. I'm partial to Michelins lately, myself.

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