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Master Window Switch Buttons

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by sjz1983, Jul 18, 2010.

    sjz1983 guest

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    Does anyone know where I can find a master window switch button controls for a 2006 330i? Is there a website that sells parts like this or do I have to go to the dealership to get a new one?

    Location: South Eastern PA
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    Try www.getbmwparts.com. They are great to work with and generally have the best prices. I have bought a lot of parts from them and have not been disappointed. It is Tischer BMW so the parts are genuine BMW parts.

    sjz1983 guest

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    Excellent! Thank you, I'll check out their site.
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    I dunno; my experience has been that Tischer is a dealer and that is reflected in their prices. Every time I have priced something from them, I always get it elsewhere because they're so expensive.

    I have, however, had great luck with Pelican Parts (www.pelicanparts.com). They give you options on whether you want aftermarket (and let you choose what brand) or if you want the OEM brand, and their prices have always turned out to be the most competitive after factoring in shipping. I do think this depends on the part though; sometimes the prices come close to the dealer's price (though still cheaper, even if not by much).
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    Tischer has great internet prices and fast shipping. They are more than competitive with places like Pelican and BavAuto and there are parts that you can only get from the dealer.
    I have had many good experiences with Evan at Tischer getbmwparts.com.

    sjz1983 guest

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    I've used Pelican in the past for other cars, they are pretty good...I've put that replacement on the back burner for right now since it is minor and just cosmetic.

    The new thing I am looking to replace is the weatherstripping around my driver door and my front brake pads/sensors. I didn't notice it when I bought the car but there is a big hole in it (not a clean cut but one that looks like something was rubbing against it for a prolonged period of time.

    In the process of finding OEM weatherstripping to replace it and trying to avoid going to the "stealer" for the part. I saw BavarianAutoSport.com has pads and sensors for about $100 which is a decent price and will probably go with them and replace them in my drive way.

    Waiting for my Bentley manual to come in from amazon (saved $30-$40 ordering from them for the manual.)
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    steven s

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    Well if OE is important, than you need to go to a dealer.
    Tischer is 20% off MSRP. I don't know how any place that sells genuine BMW parts is going to top that and stay in business. You may find 25% off which is pretty much wholesale.

    Many places sell OEM which is not necessarily the same as OE.

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