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March Roundel

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by mousemaster, Apr 8, 2009.

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    I enjoyed the recent March Roundel and especially the article by Terry Shea on tires.

    Tire Test: ADVAN AD08 by TERRY SHEA
    We thought Yokohama had built a pretty good tire
    with the Neova ADVAN AD07. But the AD08 is
    even better.

    I asked Satch to provide me with author Shea's email address so I can ask about the WHEELS on the one series that he photographed. Those wheels appear to have a black center with a reddish rim around the edge. If you check the photo you will see that this is not simply a painted pin stripe along the edge but rather the entire flat surface of the wheel is a metallic red color.

    Very nice !

    I would like to have a set for my E46. However, I cannot find the brand name and no one at Roundel is helping me contact the author.

    Does anyone recognize them????

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    steven s

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    Check you PM.

    vvurdsmyth guest

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    my recently acquired '86 325 came with Hankook, Optimo H418's. Being this my 5th Beemer, it was immediately apparent theres was no tire spin taking off from a light, even with a heavy foot, and no hint of slide upon breaking, even on an asserted stop, in on wet pavement or in the rain. I haven't really pushed it yet, and I should so that I know the tire's limits, but, so far, there have been many instances where I was expecting to break traction and it didn't happen.
    TireTrack.com's survey includes the H' H408's, not the H418, but I am surprised the tire rated only better than average:
    The Goodyear Assurance TripleTred took the top spot. If there is anything better than the Hankooks, I'd expect it to be like on rails...

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