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Magna Stehr

Discussion in 'G30/G31 (2016–present)' started by tony1168, Apr 23, 2021.

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    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to replace my E-Class sedan and considering the 5 series. I'm a former E34 owner. However, I'm concerned with the current 5 series production being outsourced to Magna Stehr in Austria. My concerns are build quality, Magna's majority experience with mostly lower priced vehicles (except for the G-wagen), and I guess I just want my new BMW to be built by BMW and in Germany. Am I being unreasonable? Anyone have some perspective here that would be reassuring? Thanks!
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    I don't have any insight if there really would be a difference, on one hand, ya, maybe, different area so, glitches or some-such, but on the other, due to automation and parts interchangeability, perhaps just as likely standardized procedures and automation nix out quality control concerns.

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