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M550 Lease Price?

Discussion in 'Member Benefits and Questions' started by vanhedges, May 22, 2017.

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    When I build a M550 at BMWUSA, I get a lease of $1046, but my dealer quote is $1431. Ever with tax, that's around $300 (30%!) difference. However, my "build" lease on a loaded 540 is $874 vs dealer quote of $992, for an after tax difference of less than $50. The lease on my comparable 2015 550 is $1100. My dealer swears that he's not jacking up the M550.
    So what's the deal?! I really want the M550, but can't justify the extra (mystery) $300.
    BTW, just received my 30 Year pin from BMWCCA. Thanks!
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    Congrats on the 30 years. Have you shown this to the new car manager and asked for there price break down compared to the online price?

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