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M5 Tires Same Size on All Four Corners

Discussion in 'E39 M5 (2000-2003)' started by Lee Gordon, Mar 30, 2009.

    Lee Gordon guest

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    I have a 2002 M5 with the normal front/rear size differences. The cost of new tires is beginning to take its toll. I understand that I am giving up some of the driveability that this car was designed to deliver, but I really need to move to having the same size tires on all four corners. I am considering purchasing two front sized M rims for the rear of the car. What tire size would you recommend?
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    This is in the wrong forum section...perhaps a moderator can move the post to the E39 M5 section?

    Buy two rear 9.5" OE wheels and 275/35s and use those up front using 3mm spacers and slightly longer bolts which you can get at Tire Rack (contact Luke there as he's sold many many sets of these to E39 M5 owners). The large "square" setup will greatly decrease understeer, and you can rotate often to significantly extend tire life. I've run the 9.5"/275 all around setup on my M5 for almost 5 years now, and I'd never go back to the tiny staggered setup. I've found zero drawbacks. I have a second set of rear OE wheels for my track tires too.

    The 3mm spacers give just enough clearance between the tire and strut up front providing a net offset of 19mm for the 9.5" wheel. Stock front offset is 20mm, so the scrub radius is hardly changed.

    You definitely don't want to go the other way around...putting 8"/245s on the rear.;)

    Search the E39 section of www.m5board.com as there are MANY threads/posts on this subject.

    JTB guest

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    I agree this is the ideal summer setup. I actaully run this too - but for winter I run the fronts all the way round with snow tires.

    I would also agree that running fronts on all four corners all year round is not appropriate. If the tires are too expensive and you do not care about how the car handles then you purchased the wrong car. Go buy a 528i.

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    what he said^^^^^....zero drawbacks to a square set-up IMHO...and the steering becomes more neutral.
    the ONLY issue you may find nowadays is a lack of 275/35 tires..or at least choices in brands...
    i have Yoko Sport ADVANs and they are good....I REALLY liked the Goodyear but they stopped making them.

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