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M5 options list

Discussion in 'E39 M5 (2000-2003)' started by jdw928, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I'm looking at a 2002 M5 and need to know if anyone has a list of the option codes that were used for this vehicle.
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    I'm actually looking for "option codes" .
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    option codes???....The M5 came fully loaded..your only options were split-down rear seats/Window Shades/ Sport or Executive trim...and they were all "No-Cost" options on the car...at least that is how it was for my MY00 M5.
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    Kent Bullis

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    M5 option codes

    I happened to see a printout on my car today, and I recalled reading your post, so I thought I would post this info, even though it is probably too late for you.

    As far as I know, the M5's all shipped with all or most options, but there are apparently codes as follows:

    0257 rear side airbag deactivation
    0265 Tire pressure monitor
    0326 Rear spoiler deletion
    0416 Rear sunshades
    0508 Park Distance Control
    0609 Navigation system
    0672 6-disc CD changer
    0774 wood trim
    0818 battery switch
    0971 5 series mats
    0261 Rear side impact airbags
    0319 Universal garage door opener
    0403 Moonroof
    0465 Fold down rear seats
    0521 Rain sensor and auto headlights
    0640 Phone preparation
    0752 Enhanced premium sound
    0776 Athracite Alcantara headliner
    0925 Shipping package
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    I have the option list for the MY 2000, I don't think it changed much, if at all, for the entire run of E39 M5s

    320 model inscription deletion*
    326 rear spoiler deletion*
    346 chrome line exterior*
    416 rear sunshades (elect rear window, manual rear doors)
    438 Burl Walnut wood trim*
    465 fold-down rear seats w/ski bag
    508 park distance control (PDC)
    774 Bruyere Club wood trim*
    776 Alcantara anthracite headliner*
    * = no cost option

    265 tire pressure control (TPC)
    403 power moodroof
    521 rain sensor
    609 navigation system
    640 phone prep
    672 CD changer
    677 premium hi-fi
    818 battery switch
    Rear, side air bags (unarmed at delivery, armed at owner request)

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    I'd have to check my window sticker, but on the '02 M5, options were kind of limited:

    -Sun shades
    -Fold down seat
    -Full leather or sport interior
    -M-audio (woofers in back)
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    Kent Bullis

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    Battery Switch

    I suppose I should check my owner's manual, but what is the "battery switch" listed on the options?

    Mbrother guest

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