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M3 nose - good, bad or ugly?

Discussion in 'E90/E92/E93 M3 (2008-2013)' started by MGarrison, May 8, 2008.


E92 M3 nose - good, bad, or what?

It's Perfection Personified! Suggesting a change is pure insanity! 11 vote(s) 57.9%
I like it ok, I wouldn't consider changing it. 5 vote(s) 26.3%
I don't exactly hate it, but I don't exactly like it; If it were feasible, I'd change it. 3 vote(s) 15.8%
It's an abomination that never should have gotten off the drafting table! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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    What's anyone else think of the nose of the new M3..?

    Personally, I think the opposite angles of the lower air intake (compared to the rest of the nose) detract from the look of the car and make it look ungainly.

    I know we won't see it changed for the life of the model now that it's in production, but I sure hope Alpina or Hartge or some of the others out there with the resources to do it right create a better-looking front fascia/valance/bumper cover panel.

    The stock E92 nose looks more integrated and buttoned up to me - seems like there would be a way to modify that for the appropriate aggressive look and only improve the look without detracting from it.

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    Come on, that is absolutely gorgeous! How could you deny it? :p

    CryNoMo guest

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    I like it, simply gorgeous ;)
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    I like it!

    136031 guest

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    M3 nose

    What happened to the "wolf in sheeps clothing"? It is imperative to have a discreet, understated car for everyday driving to avoid the attention of the police and cell phone do-gooders. Form follows function! Lets leave the power dome, hood scoops and gills to Pontiac!
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    Only us bimmerheads would know the difference between an M3 and a standard E92. To most people, that looks just as subdued as the rest of the 3 series family...

    Creeping through traffic, one of these crept up beside me and passed; I nearly had an accident due to staring at its stunning visuals but I looked around and nobody gave a crap. Same when I saw one parked in a rather high (pedestrian) traffic area and I'm the only one who actually stopped to look at it. Nobody else as much as glanced at it.

    As beautiful as that is, it still isn't 'in your face' and it certainly isn't enough to be that mean-looking guest at a party. It's the kind of car that has a 6-pack and lots of muscle but still wears a suit and tie to work. I still consider it a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    And by the way, the cop's don't care if you drive an M3 or a measly little 325e with diving board bumpers like mine, you'll still get caught, and I can attest to that. lol

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