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M235i Racing model version - Want! Want!

Discussion in 'F22 (2014–)' started by MGarrison, Apr 9, 2014.

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    First post? Ha!

    Anyway - The latest Grassroots Motorsports issue (May 2014) includes two write-ups from the M235i press launch @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The first covers the new model, but, BMW also brought it's turnkey factory race-prepped version, ready to hit the track for about $75k. Apparently the Recaro's with the car are kinda tight even for somebody like Joey Hand, so opting for the wider seat option might be a good idea. Paddle-shifters, there was no mention if a manual might be an option; presumably the paddles were chosen for faster-than-humanly-possible shifting.

    Europe-only at the moment, but according to the GRM article, if BMW sees enough demand, they'd make it available state-side (so to all you lottery winners, HINT, HINT - call BMW! ;) ).

    No doubt the new M3, uh, M4, is gonna be awesome performance-wise - but, a factory turn-key racer for a bit more than an M3, err, 4, set to go with roll cage, etc..... I wouldn't be surprised if any number of track junkies w/ M-deep pockets would go for it.

    Here's some in-car video; the sound alone ought to sell this thing in droves!

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    steven s

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    And who says you can't buy talent. :)

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