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Long term diesel reliability

Discussion in 'Diesel' started by tek4tex, May 23, 2011.

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    I would love to hear from those who had rolled up high miles on the new twin turbo diesels. How has reliability been on the higher mileage cars? Has there been any fuel system problems?
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    There have been a few people with over 50K miles, a couple with probably 100K miles. I have 28K and most people have similar #s. No news is good news in this case.

    I peruse a couple other forums; no-one seems to be having particular problems. The fuel system seems bullet-proof at this point, with only some injector adaptation problems.

    The biggest problems seem centered around the DEF and it's injection system. Some crystallization that requires either emptying and cleaning the tank or new injector.

    It *is* a BMW and most other complaints wrt E90 apply.

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    similar experience...

    I have similar mileage @28k and just had the crystallization problem. I also had a problem with what appeared to be an oil leak and was the inlet hose to the inter-cooler being loose and ballooned. Also had an electronic component replaced because the HD radio did not work correctly, it wasn't the radio but another computer somewhere was not doing its job. Everything covered under warranty as expected. The motor/turbo setup so far appears bullet proof. My average mileage is 30.9 mpg for the last 7.5k miles. ( I bought it with 21.5K on the odometer)


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