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Leather Conditioner

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by EvaUnit02, Apr 30, 2009.

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    Where did you learn this and what does it do?
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Another leather secret

    My wife---or, this being California, Party A---is one of those detailing nut-cases, but she is slowly recovering. Meanwhile, she uses the same leather treatment in her 335i that she uses on her custom boots: Bick 4.

    Yes, we have a garage full of Griot's, zymol, Lexol, and Leatherique. And I just received a trial bottle of something from Mary Moppins (looong story there), but I haven't tried it yet. Still, the woman who knows such things heads for the Bick 4 every time.
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    Put me down for Griot's garage also...

    I've used his leather conditioner on my '02 330ci since new. The car sits in the lot at the Port of Houston every other week and the seats still look new! Just for the heck of it, I used his neglected leather conditioner on the drivers' seat not long ago and was truly impressed. After letting it set on the seats a while I wipe the seats down with a microfiber towel that has been lightly misted (just to the point of being tacky) with distilled water. Takes the stickiness right out! Cheers!
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    Is it normal to go through a whole bottle of Zymol conditioner in one treatment?
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    That sounds like an awful lot of conditioner for one use. I've used Griot's leather conditioner on my 330I twice and I've barely used 10% of an 8 ounce bottle. A lot of these products don't require heavy applications..in fact two or three light applications are better than one heavy application.
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    Aloha All,

    Recently returned to the BMW fold; picked up a 2006 (Barrique red) 325xi here in Maryland while I look for the right 88 e30 to purchase for that special place in the garage.

    Anyhow; I like the Zymol products. Used them since I lived in Germany.

    I do hate to swap brands once I get started. I did however pick up some ICE for the non-leather interior items to try out.

    Good to be back among u.




    JerseyGeorge guest

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    After using Lexol for over 20 years, I have just found what I believe is a better product. It is called Leather Mate and is imported from Italy by Select Marketing. Their phone number is 888-864-9627. It contains both caranuba wax and lanolin. If your leather is not too dirty, just apply it and let it dry.

    Stevewill1959 guest

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    I use leather conditioner that I buy at the Harley-Davidson dealership. It's designed for use on leather jackets and motorcycle seats. It's readily available at any H-D dealership and is relatively inexpensive.
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    Since I have my first leather interior on the way (last BMW was leatherette which I only kept 2 yrs) and I intend keeping this car 10+, I am torn what to use. I have seen Griot's Garage products advertised and read good reviews. However I would have thought BMW products would be best for a BMW. Is it because of cost that everyone uses something else, or because of quality?
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    I wouldn't hesitate to use the BMW brand leather products. I would like to know who actually makes it though. I have always used Griot's because thats what I have. I rarely think to grab a bottle of BMW when I am at the dealer... I really should some day to give it a try. Most the products listed here are good products. If they had any kind of adverse reaction to BMW leather someone would have spoke up! That being said I would test a small area and even if that goes well I would keep a close eye on your treated areas just to be safe.

    lex99m3 guest

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    I just got my Zaino leather in a bottle in the mail today and i'm very pleased with the results.
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    I agree. I have used both BMW as well as Griot products...both work very well.

    I do have a question that I haven't seen addressed here, however...

    My newest acquisition is a black 2010 328i Convertible, and it has the deep red "sun-reflective" technology leather seating. It is absolutely gorgeous. And, whatever they use to reflect the sunlight really does seem to make a difference.

    Does anyone know whether the leather treatment products that treat that type leather (sun-reflective) are the same as the other BMW/Griot leather seating treatment products (such as those used on the seating in my 2007 Z4 coupe)?

    My dealer's parts dept. says to use the same thing as used on regular leather seating, but I only have one shot at getting it right, or not...

    Opinions, anyone???


    MOD guest

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    I was told by a tech at Zymol that all BMW leather seats are "vinyl clad" and to use vinyl cleaner and vinyl conditioner. I have a 2008 M3 with black leather "novillo leather w/sun reflective-technology" and they feel soft like nappa. Could they be vinyl coated? Has anyone ever heard this?

    MOD guest

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    I was told by Autosol that they make 20 of BMW's cleaning products and the Leather cleaner is one of them (but not the foam conditioner).

    pojo1992 guest

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    Qustion re: Zymol-- which products? And "Vinyl clad?!?"

    Seen alot of posts recommending Zymol (and other) cleaners/conditioners. Zymol users-- what specific products do you recommend? (they have several different ones.) Also, the info on the zymol website qualifies some of their cleaners' usage guidelines with "vinyl clad." Anyone know what that means, and whether or not BMW leather is "vinyl clad?"

    alstroberg guest

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    "Does anyone know whether the leather treatment products that treat that type leather (sun-reflective) are the same as the other BMW/Griot leather seating treatment products (such as those used on the seating in my 2007 Z4 coupe)?

    Opinions, anyone???"

    My E64 with the red leather interior (sun reflective) has been at our house for just two months. But the build date was April 2009- suggesting it had been sitting about for more than a year.

    I have used Lexol on it twice now, about two weeks apart. The second application seemed more satisfying in that the leather didn't "suck it all up." Don't let it set too long before wiping and do wipe off the excess to a polish finish

    cappleby1 guest

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    Charlie Chuckles

    Boought my first BMW last Aug. 2009 (2007 530i) - love it!!! I recently bought the BMW leather product but have not used it yet. Is there some reason I should not use it? Everyone seems to talk about products other than what the manufacuter sells - why?

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