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Large cache of 850CSi six speed manual transmissions located and being sold

Discussion in 'E31 (1991-1997)' started by bcweir, Mar 12, 2010.

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    I am not the seller of these transmissions and I have no financial interest in this at all. I just wanted to make any and all BMW DIY enthusiasts looking for a source for six-speed-manual transmissions compatible with M70 and M73 engines to be aware of this. I am copying the text of the offer without modification.

    Please note, these transmissions are meant only to be mated to BMW M70 and M73 V12 engines. These are not meant to bolt on directly to any other engine type.

    Please do not contact me for more information, but rather, contact the individuals in the text of this offer.

    Just saw the post from RF/E31
    Posted by: "KMS - Brett Anderson"
    Date: Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:24 p.m.
    Feel free to cross post.

    OK, so I spent an hour on the phone with Getrag today, and the crux of the conversation is they are looking to off load some new old stock E31 850Csi 6spd transmissions at a nice price. Brand new items, not remans. They've been sitting on a shelf in a Getrag warehouse since the end of production in 1996 or thereabouts.

    They have in excess of 100 units available, but will sell in any quantity.

    Price break at 10 to 50 units, factoring in shipping from Germany and customs/duties/importer fees, will be approximately $2,500 per unit. Any more than 50 will save $200 per unit.

    This transmission, part number 23 00 1 222 285 (for reman, remember, these are brand new), has a dealer cost of $2,948.53 plus $200 core. List price $4,680.21 plus $200 core. That in itself is surprising, because list price was almost $6,000 2 years ago.

    They fit all 850CSi plus pre 1995 E31 850i/Ci cars, and can be easily installed in E32 750iL, and with some custom work that Memphis Motorwerks can do, billed through KMS, they will fit the E38 750iL and 95 and later V12 8 series.

    Anyone looking? Or think they have a need? We will be ordering one batch and one batch only. Quantity depends on response. This is the only time they'll be offered at actual cost. Anyone needs one a year from now, I'll be making a profit to cover warehousing. True cost is unknown, but expected to be close to, and likely no more, than the $2500 I mentioned earlier. Cost will come down dramatically with volume, as shipping costs are almost $1k per unit for one, and only about $500 per unit for 10, and less for more. I plan on putting 5 on the shelf.

    One last note. BMW NA shows none of these transmissions in stock. 22 at AG. Getrag has somewhere north of 100 in stock. When they're gone, they become NLA. No internal parts are offered and Getrag is not interested in putting the parts back into production. So as time goes on, these things will become impossible to find.

    Let me know via private email if you have an interest.


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