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Key Fob Transmitter Micro Chips

Discussion in 'E31 (1991-1997)' started by GimmieSumMo72, Jun 17, 2009.

    GimmieSumMo72 guest

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    I am trying to locate some Transmitter Micro Chips for the key fob I just purchased.

    P/N 88 88 1 600 211 - 3 Chip Set
    P/N 88 88 1 600 217 - 4 Chip Set

    I believe both part numbers were superceded by P/N 82111467000.

    For some reason the Key Fobs are available but not the Microchips to make them work.

    If anyone has a lead on locating these chips, let me know!

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    Hi Gimme,
    There are several variations on the 8 series remote "key fobs". I can't identify what you have from those part numbers, so I'll just share the little bit I know from my own experience ...
    The "factory" system, with the infra-red transmitter embedded in the actual key (and the receiver in the rear-view mirror) was disabled in North American cars due to legal concerns.
    Alpine supplied a factory approved system that was a dealer installed option in the USA. The transmitters are small, black rectangular fobs with either two or three buttons. The receiver for these is usually underneath the driver's side dash (behind the footwell cover above the driver's left foot). The chip is inside the receiver and is specific to that receiver unit. The fob is programmed by removing the chip from the receiver, putting it into the fob and activating it for several seconds, then putting the chip back into the receiver. I am not aware of any way to get the chip without it's specific receiver (like a lock and key).
    The only way to know if your car had this system installed is to go looking for the receiver! If it was not installed, you might be able to retrofit one, but I don't know the details of that (maybe the car was pre-wired - maybe not?).
    Hope this helps.

    GimmieSumMo72 guest

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    Thanks Mark!

    The fobs for the 91 & 92 8ers only came with the 1 button fob. P/N 88 88 1 600 205

    The owners manual for the remote entry system says that the module is hidden somewhere in the car. but its not mounted on the kickpanel below the steering column like in the '93.

    I found a diagram on a search and it's saying that the remote control keyless entry system module is located (for the '91 or '92) either behind the passenger speaker in the door or in the body panel (fender) next to the DME's.

    Schalldampfer1 guest

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    Not sure if this is the solution but a friend of mine bought the key fob from the e60 5 series to use on his e36. He bought the key fob on ebay I think. To make it all work he has to take it to a BMW dealer which they send it back to Germany where the key metal has to be cut and the transmitter to be added based on his VIN which records what the factory alarm code frequency is. They send this back after about 2 weeks. It costs several hundred dollars from my understanding.

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