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Just joined - looking for good roads for my E46 M3, and perhaps a trip to Lime Rock

Discussion in 'New York Chapter' started by brentdcampbell, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Does anyone know any of the details about how the BMW CCA can get access to the Lime Rock track?

    Also, does anyone have tips for good roads in the area to drive - and properly experience - our amazingly capable cars?
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    As best I can tell from the 2013 schedule, it appears there are BMWCCA driver's schools @ Lime Rock Park on:

    April 20th - Connecticut Valley Chapter

    May 11th - Patroon Chapter

    June 14th - Connecticut Valley Chapter

    October 4th - Connecticut Valley Chapter
    October 5th - Patroon Chapter

    See this: http://patroon.motorsportreg.com/
    and this: http://www.ctvalley.org/dsprocess.htm (note you may also want to join the Connecticut Valley Chapter to help ensure entry, possibly same for Patroon, not sure)
    and this: (check the links on the right) http://www.patroonbmw.org/driving/
    and this should give you a general idea; for an event out west, but same basic structure and format: http://www.rmcbmwcca.org/legacy/Video/BMW_DE_Spring_07_Hires_2.wmv
    and this too:http://www.rmcbmwcca.org/legacy/DrivingSchool/Docs/MyFirstDS.htm

    and thoroughly peruse this: http://www.bmwcca.org/forum/index.php?forums/driving-schools.117/

    note that the threads with the most replies are most likely to be the most informative - example: http://www.bmwcca.org/forum/index.php?threads/driving-school-what-to-expect.886/
    Once you do your first 'CCA driver's school and get the initial experience processed, you'll see that properly experiencing our cars is subject to variable interpretation - you can never safely drive on public roads like you do at a driver's school without risking life, limb & license. But, that doesn't mean you can't sanely and safely enjoy your ultimate drivin' machine on public roads either - but it won't be anything like the experience at a track weekend.

    Not from your area, so no suggestions for roads to cruise - perhaps see if your local chapter is hosting any tours - in the meantime, welcome to the club & the forums!
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    Thanks so much for filling me in, MGarrison! I had not found the 2013 schedule, so this is especially helpful.
    I got to go to the BMW M Performance Driving School back in September. It was incredible, and having experience these cars' potential, not getting to tap into my own car's potential would be a shame.
    I'm looking less for training and more for track time, yet I understand that just may not be available. Besides, I'm always glad to learn from the pros. I'll definitely check out these options. More than anything, I just want some quality track time with my car so I can get to know it better.
    Again, thank you.

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    Warmest welcome to the club!

    (get it, warm, it's winter time...buh-dum-chhhh)

    Although I have no great advice as to what great roads are in your area, I can tell you what I tend to do - check out Google Maps and see where the twistiest roads are. Technology can be awesome sometimes! It takes a little bit of patience, but it's well worth it. I also tend to make all of my vacations revolve around places with some wicked twisty bits - last one excluded, but that's where the snowmobile came in.

    Good luck and happy adventuring!
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    Welcome to the club sorry I am no help on the roads in your area but I'm sure some one will be able to tell you some good one's.
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    The trick I use to find amazing roads: Set Google maps to "Pedestrian" and pick a place about 40 miles away. Ten try to follow the line. You will be a very lightly traveled but twisty roads indeed!
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    You can check out the SCDA (Sports Car Driving Association)
    They rent various tracks (including Lime Rock) for the day.

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    Welcome to the CCA! Here in Nebraska our roads are best suited for muscle cars (straight and flat) so I understand the desire! I wish you all the best.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome! But I don't think you should head for Lime Rock Part just yet, unless you have better snow tires than I have! :D

    Note that BMW CCA events at the track will always be schools, not turn-'em-loose days. The worst part about driving without a coach is that you tend to reinforce bad habits instead of learning how to apply the physics properly.

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