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Just bought 99 535i.

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by Skipb, Apr 21, 2018.

    Skipb guest

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    90 k clean as a pin.
    Runs great. Going to change

    all fluids cept oil wich dealer did. What other maintence should i performance such as intake cleaning? No wastegate Rattles. Yet. What Can i look foward to.
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    You mean '09 535i? Probably worth verifying if the electric coolant pump has been replaced; check coils & plugs too, somewhere along the line coil packs were updated. I'm only up to 50k on my N54, so haven't had to deal with much yet. I'd say consider putting one of these in, especially if your valve cover gaskets are leaking and you have to pull the valve covers off anyway; can be used in-addition, so going out of your way to pull the one built-in to the valve-cover isn't an absolute.


    If that being faulty can cause that many leaks, I would be suspicious of the possibility of catastrophic-engine damage as a consequence of failure, so keeping pressure contained where it ought to be sounds pretty critical to me. If your plan is to run the car for the long haul, this might be worthwhile too -


    If the maintenance schedule has only been 15k-interval oil changes, maybe intake cleaning is worth considering. I haven't experienced issues yet, but I think there are running symptoms that indicate a build-up problem, not sure of specifics, I think rough idling, acceleration hesitations/halts/stumbles, low efficiency/mpg may be potential symptoms. Hopefully by this point it's had all the high-pressure fuel-pump issues worked-through.

    I'm having some vague recollection of tail-light wiring issues... but might be getting that confused with another model.

    Seems like E60's generally have been solid cars for people, lots of generally positive comments, particularly as a comfortable long-haul highway cruiser compared to the earlier generation E39's and E34's.

    General check for worn suspension/component-mounting bushings probably would be warranted; control-arm bushings, shock mounts, strut mounts, diff-carrier, driveshaft, etc. 90k probably early for most of that, barring there being leaking fluid-filled 'hydro' bushings, if E60's use those anyplace.

    Skipb guest

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    Know very litt!e of service history and yes its an 09.All service lights are green except brake fluid. Going to do an engine flush and change the oil because the volvo dealer coudnt tell me what oil they used. Starts up and idles fine. Really runs great. And thanks for the reply. All i have is the carfax which is very vague. Although plug were changed 5k ago. Im gonna see if my local dealer has more detailed service history. Thanks again
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    I just picked up an 09 535xi last week myself and this is a helpful. undefined

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