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Is there a list on this site for which convertibles are permitted?

Discussion in 'Driving Schools' started by aus, Sep 7, 2010.

    aus guest

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    I've been looking around and can't seem to find the list of approved vert's that are permitted at HPDE's?
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    aus guest

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    Thanks for the link and info.

    So does this mean a E93 qualifies then? It has factor roll over protection and a metal room.
    I thought it doesn't quality for a HPDE?
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    Check the specific restrictions for the event(s) you're considering; you may find a 'no convertibles' rule in place for specific events or chapters, even though technically it might be allowed by national. Keep in mind, all 'CCA driver's schools are run by the volunteers in the chapter or region, including the instructors, and the organizers still have to find instructors willing to volunteer to _ride_ in convertibles if they do allow them. Although rollover incidents are very infrequent occurrences at 'CCA schools, things can happen, and sometimes do. I doubt anyone could fault instructors about their degree of willingness to put their necks on the line (literally) for instructing in a 'vert. Everyone involved at every level of organizing and running driving schools has the safety of everyone participating in any way as the highest priority of these events - thus the rationale for a baseline trepidation about convertibles.
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    steven s

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    A retractable hardtop is considered a convertible and all BMW CCA rules still apply.
    Retractable hardtops are not allowed without the proper safety equipment and then it is still the chapter's discretion.
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    Aus, I'm not sure where you're located in the US, but you should know the Canadian car club allows verts. If you're from a northern state you may want to go north of the border for a school. I've been to a few Canadian schools and they run exactly the same.
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    I just did a track event with this outfit http://www.mvptracktime.com/ and they allowed convertibles. In my so-far limited track experience, it has been my experience that BMW car clubs run extremely safe events with a premium placed on training and education. Other clubs might play a little more loosely. I am glad my first-ever track event was a BMW car club event because I learned the right way from the start.

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    For profit organizations will almost always have less restrictions.
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    Someone should "pin" or make a sticky out of the national office HPDE events and place it as the first post in this topic
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    John Sullivan just did this in the Northeast Regional forum

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