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Inner fenders on 2012 X-3

Discussion in 'F25 X3 (2010-present)' started by Fritz Haas, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Fritz Haas

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    We own a 2009 128i convert, and had a 2009 X-3. In both cars the engine compartment is always very clean. We just traded the 2009 X-3 on a special ordered 2012 X-3 which we picked up at the Plant. To my surprise, the engine compartment is filthy. It appears the the plastic inner fender shields have louvers in them towards the front, and water and road dirt is splashed up into the engine compartment. Does anyone know if it would hurt something if I placed a rubber patch over these louvers so the water does not enter the engine compartment.
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    Fritz, the inner fender well louvers also appear on our 2013 X-3, also picked up in Spartanburg. I believe that the purpose of the louvers is ventilate and cool the front brake rotors by directing airflow from the sides of the front air dams to the brakes. Next time you wash the vehicle turn the wheels out, view the louvers and you will see what I am talking about.

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