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IMF Form for Boston BMWCCA Questions

Discussion in 'Autocross' started by b1aze, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Hey all,
    Just joined BMWCCA and picked up a '10 135i 6mt Msport just under 1 month ago and boy i couldnt be happier with how it handles and feels! I had a 2011 Subaru STi prior to it and while it felt pretty good, is no where near as fun to drive as this thing!

    Aside from that, i am looking at doing the next upcoming AutoX in the Boston area and looked at the IMF for the group and failed to see any upgraded intercooler designation or points associated with it. I picked up a FMIC brand new from ETS and have yet to install it and want to hold off so that i dont necessarily outclass myself just from upgrades, but if it comes with no penalty, im sure it will only help hold off the heatsoak associated with intercoolers and idling more than driving.

    Is this the case? Does the upgraded FMIC come without points?

    Also, figured i would ask here as well. There is a possibility i would like to get a tune for 50/50 E85/93oct and there is also no designation for extra points for using different fuels. As long as i disclose my tune and am still inside the C-class points allowance, does the fuel add any extra points? The added WHP from a 50/50 mix is pretty substantial.

    Thanks and cant wait to be a contributing member of the community!

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    Welcome to the club Derek, congrats on the new ride too, sweet car! You stand a chance of getting an answer here to that, but your questions are specific enough, I think you'd be best to contact whoever's running the auto-x directly, who should know the particulars. Maybe they're here on these boards, but I wouldn't count on it - I'm guessing member participation on the national forums is about .025% of total membership numbers. Seems like we have a relatively small group of regular & active forum participants, with new additions consistently, if not rapidly.

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    Thanks. I figured that out myself a little while ago that i may be better off posting it in the Region specific forum.

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the asylum! But even the region-specific forum may not help. I'd yank the chain of John Sullivan, who can at least point you to the autocross chairman of the Boston clan: 635jes [AT] verizon [DOT] net

    Of course, you COULD move to San Diego, where the rules are much simpler...and the autocross season much longer!
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