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I'll Keep my BEE MW

Discussion in 'E89 Z4 (2009-present)' started by shelbyvnt, Apr 30, 2013.

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    shelbyvnt Baby Bee...

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    It was well into 2012 when I bought my 2011 Atacama Yellow Z4 35is. I had seen this car several times on visits to the dealer, but never took it seriously. Luckily it was still there when it was time to return my lease-mobile. I just past my 1 year anniversary with the BEE & honestly it has never failed to impress me. Just read Satch's piece on the new Z4 & its' Valencia Orange paint. I'm sure that there are those that find it hard to appreciate the BEE's citrus yellow package, but it's grown on me by now.

    Maybe some day I'll warm up to the OJ package, but what would I put on the license plate?
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    RNJ Z 4 ME?

    VALN C YA?

    Z UGLY DK?

    SQZ ME?

    1 JU C Z?



    HI C BIMR?

    TNJR E N?


    SLICE O Z?

    N E OUT E?


    TMPL 4 ME?


    HUN E BEL?



    (saaay.... shouldn't this be in the Z-forum?)
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    steven s

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    mrsbee guest

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    Any Bee is okay with me.

    mrsbee guest

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    As I was reading that article, I was magically transported to a time when Mr. Bee had a bright orange Audi TT. This thing was the most garish Orange (I think they called it Cheetos Orange) car available to man. The plus side was that if you were sitting inside of it, you kind of forgot the rest of the car was orange - no trim pieces of blaring orange to hurt your eyes.

    There was one occasion, we were up in a little town in North Carolina in said TT, we parked and immediately an old (and I'm talking about really old, upper 90's) appeared at started rubbing his fingers on the hood then came over to the window and started tapping. Rolling down the window, Mr. Bee inquires what the problem with the old man was. The response "I've never seen an orange car before".

    Some people just need to get out more.
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    shelbyvnt Baby Bee...

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    OJZ4ME, don't worry little BEE, your space in the garage is safe.;)

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