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Ice Racing in New Hampshire Newfound Lake in 2009

Discussion in 'North Atlantic Region' started by JES635, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Ice Racing got a late start this year - Old Man Winter didn't exactly cooperate. But in late February, the conditions on Newfound Lake were finally appropriate and we held our
    first event of the season on March 1st.
    The first Ice Race of the year always requires more labor due to the preparations that have to be done beforehand, such as plowing out the entrance to the Lake, moving the timing shack onto the Ice, and testing the timing equipment. Knowing there was so much to be done, Stan "the Iceman" Jackson, Sr. plowed the course a little earlier in the week than
    usual. Because the snow was damp and heavy, he got some welcomed help from Ice Racer Mike Feeney, who showed up with his heavy duty 3500 diesel pickup truck with a snow plow. (Mike was also on hand the day of the event to tow errant vehicles out of snow banks.) Watching, waiting, measuring Every winter, Ice Racing organizers (namely, the Jackson family), trudge out onto the Ice to measure ice thickness and to evaluate the quality of the ice and the condition of the surface. In early winter, this is a weekly routine as we watch the weather forecast with an eye out for the cold temperatures that are best for making ice. But as the season progresses, we hike out onto Newfound Lake every few days, wondering how the recent weather has changed the Ice. Conditions can vary widely week to week and even day to day. Sometimes, the ice just isn't thick enough. If a
    snow storm comes through before we have enough ice, that blanket of snow insulates the ice, significantly slowing the ice thickening. Ironically, this is when we hope for warm
    weather to melt that snow into water which will then freeze into ice. More waiting ...
    If we do have thick enough ice, other circumstances can prevent an Ice Race. The snow from a storm that occurs when temperatures are near freezing is very damp and heavy. The weight of it can actually allow several inches of water to come up on top of the ice, making conditions slushy and miserable. When snowmobiles drive through this wet snow,
    they leave deep ruts that freeze into hard bumps worse than the frost heaves on New England roads in winter. As the organizers encounter these frustrating conditions
    and have to put off Ice Racing for yet another week, we wonder how many of you have forgotten about us and Ice Racing. Are you checking the Bulletin every week, eager
    for news of an event? Or have you found other ways to satisfy your need for challenging seat time during the winter months?

    Every year, all you die-hard car enthusiasts surprise and delight us with your dedicated attendance to Ice Races. As anyone who organizes an event of any kind knows, it's a lot of work. But when so many of you come back year after year with your favorite cars, your new tires, and your eagerness to drive, the work doesn't seem quite so much.
    If you're new to this awesome sport, go to www.boston-bmwcca.org and click on "Event Descriptions" then "Ice Racing" to learn more. You'll also find lots of links to other information and forms. Conditions change daily, so stay up-to-date by signing up for the
    Ice Racing Bulletin, sent out by e-mail. Help us run the event smoothly by pre-registering
    early in the season. This does not obligate you to show up and you don't pay a dime until the morning of the event. Pre-registering is your way of expressing your interest and allows us to get the first car off as early as possible the day of the event (that means more runs for everyone).
    Our faithful sponsor, Bavarian Autosport, helped us out again this year. Be sure to thank them for their continued support. If you have any questions about Ice Racing, contact Stan Jackson, Jr., Ice Racing Coordinator, at jackson@boston-bmwcca.org.
    Many thanks to Ice Racers, Ice Race workers, Ice Race instructors (and also to supportive spouses!) for your enthusiastic dedication to Ice Racing! We look forward
    to seeing YOU on the Ice in 2010! ♦


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