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Hyatt Monterey Room Taxes

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2013' started by TomF, Mar 12, 2013.

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    TomF BMW EnthuZiast

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    Anybody else notice how much the Hyatt is showing as the total amount for room taxes?

    In the confirmation e-mail I received for 7 nights it indicates that the room rate is $136.00/night. It also indicates the following:
    Additional Tax & Service Charges
    $0.15 Ca Tourism Fee Per Night.
    $2.00 Monterey County fee Per Night.
    10.00% Occupancy Tax Per Night.

    By my calculations, this is a total of $0.15 + $2.00 + (10% of $136.00 = $13.60) = $15.75. For 7 nights this should come to 7 * $15.75 = $110.25.

    However, if you click on the link in the e-mail, put in your confirmation number and last name, you will see the details of your reservation which shows this as the total:

    Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa
    Acknowledgement #: 326XXXXX
    King Guest Room
    Check-In: 08/18/2013
    Check-Out 08/25/2013
    Room charges (USD) 952.00
    Taxes 250.25
    Total (USD) 1,202.25

    This is a total tax rate of more than 26%!

    It appears that the 10% occupancy tax is being calculated on a room rate of $336.00/night: ($250.25 / 7 = $35.75) - $0.15 - $2.00 = $33.60/night.

    Is the occupancy rate usually calculated on the published rate rather than the discounted rate actually paid? I called the Hyatt Monterey around 6:00 PDT, went through their voice-guided quagmire and ended up with the Hyatt national reservations desk, who couldn't answer the question. They suggested I call the hotel directly between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
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    Thanks Tom for your research. There appears to be an error in calculating the 10 percent occupancy tax.
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    steven s

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    The amounts shown on your confirmation email are correct. We are not paying the resort fee or the higher lever of taxes. The reason these are shown when you log in to their main system is because they use this same system for all groups. They do not customize it for different groups – we asked. The rate per night with all taxes included is about $152.00 for Sunday the 18th through Sunday the 25th.
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    TomF BMW EnthuZiast

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    I called them earlier today and they verified that the taxes and fees would be $15.75/night for the standard room as indicated in the confirmation e-mail.

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