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How to make your BMW haul @$$ w/o getting in trouble with the cops

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Autohaus, Nov 11, 2008.

    M3Driver guest

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    If we're going to go "Off Topic"....might as well be WAAAAY off-topic...

    Autohaus guest

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    In again before lock :)
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    Going? I think it's already there. :)
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    It's the "Off Topic" forum, and nobody is throwing insults (not big ones anyway) or talking ugly politics or getting upset. Let 'er ride, but keep that big wet blanket handy!

    Does anyone make a scabbard for an E90 door? I'd like to ride around town with a lever action .30-30 on the door. Horses are too expensive.
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    M3Driver guest

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    jagman212000 guest

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    And I thought

    I thought we here in South Carolina were nutty. lol I needed this laugh. Thanks guys.:D

    kingtiger guest

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    Following up the last post..... the is a sign on the entrance to the stage door at the Grand Ole Opry that reads..

    "This is NOT a dress rehearsal

    This IS the real thing

    This IS the big time"

    Fast cars, nice guns, great music...it's all good.
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    Greg E34

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    I am and have been a law enforcement officer in Tennessee for over 15 years. There is much more to it than that which kingtiger has outlined. Just last week, a guy was sentenced to 18 years non paroleable time for shooting and killing someone that he "felt" had threatened him. The issue arose from a parking dispute.

    Apparently he had the same serious misunderstanding and misconception of the law that kingtiger did.

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