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how to check sub frame bushings

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by josdavsig, Dec 29, 2013.

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    one day i noticed that my e34 looked kind of low in the back it had about one finger of space between the top of the wheel and the fender, but it was only on the left side and when i got home from work the ride hight on that side looked normal again. it dose this all the time now. the guy i got the car from told me it was most likely the subframe bushing. how do i verify this, i looked at them but do not really know what im looking for, they do have dry rot.
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    steven s

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    A good bushing should be solid, not rotted or crumbling.
    My car has chunks of rubber missing from the bushing.
    I need bushings. ☺☺:)
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    If they've never been replaced, then the original rubber bushings are almost assuredly shot and should be replaced. If you don't have one and are tackling your own repair and maintenance, the Bentley Manual can be quite helpful.


    I usually have pretty good luck googling up info for common things like this on older BMW's -



    I'd say also check your rear shock mounts and make sure they haven't given up the ghost, perhaps they are suspect in a ride-height issue also.
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    All said above is correct and good info.
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    the rear shock mount were done about a year ago and they still look good. im going to try changing the subframe bushings but it looks like need to get my hands on a tool to press them out and in. i really need to get one of those bentley manuals too.... there kind of expensive
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    A sign that your subframe bushings are on the way out would be a acceleration clunk from the rear.
    A easy visual inspection would be to remove the plate from the bottom of each bushing. If they have separated from the center. They're toast.

    IMO I would check the rear strut mounts again. Possibly even the struts themselves.
    For I would think these two components would produce the uneven and periodic ride height issue you speak of.

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