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How fast is a 335 turbo?

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by mdheller, Apr 8, 2008.

    mdheller guest

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    Maybe the question is a bit rhetorical. I have a Dinan S3 running 5.5 PSI of boost and I had a 335 turbo with a little bit of work done to it chase me down and we gave it a pretty good run. I should say that I think he is a bit faster than I am (not by much but he started to come from behind me at about 145-150mph, which I found shocking. I wanted to ask the message board how fast these things are, and aside from changing out my pullies to get more boost what could I do to make sure he isn't faster next time? Is there anything that I can do that wont cost me a fortune? I guess I thought it was a bit crazy that a 335 with a $500 dollar chip is faster than an M3 with a $17k super charger.

    Any suggestions?
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    hmmm, watch the reckless driving...

    how about that advice???

    unless of course you're in Germany... (?)

    First of all '335 turbo' is redundant, my friend. They're all 'turbo'. And (I assume you're in an e46 M3) you did not really tell us much about your car.

    You're dealing with other factors -- top speed & off the line... things the 335i may do as well. ...but the M3's strengths are also in the twisties. The 335i is a good value, but it cannot do what the M3 can do. If you must dominate, turn up your boost, if you dare. Putting boost on the S54 seems crazy but.... well, never mind.

    If you want top speed/drag capabilities get a Nissan GT-R (Skyline).
    I'm out.

    mdheller guest

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    sorry for the redundance, I think saying 335 turbo makes me feel better that he was faster haha. I suppose you are right. I guess I was looking to see what else I could do and keep the car street legal. I have basically everything Dinan makes put in my car. from Brakes and suspension to the S3-R supercharger... and yes it's an e46 m3.

    Why would turning up the boost be so crazy? (I was hoping to hear this kind of feedback as to why maybe I shouldn't turn up the boost). All and all, this car is really fast, probably one of the fastest cars I've been in; but, I guess I just wasn't expecting someone to come along in a 335 with a chip and be just as fast if not faster.

    If I do crank up the boost from 5.5 psi to lets say 10 psi, how much will that have influence my ability to corner? I almost feel like if I change the boost I will be losing a whole lot of the cornering capabilities but I'd like to hear from someone that might have some experience with that.

    I def don't want to get a Nissan... I think I'll stick with the BMW

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