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How fast is a 335 turbo?

Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by mdheller, Apr 8, 2008.

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    yeah I've seen this. +1 on preferring NA engines....

    check this out :eek:

    MVF4rider guest

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    Good video...thanks. I completely concur. Even if the E46 M3 was slower around their track, I'd still like it far better. As they said, it is the emotional winner. Speed isn't everything. Nothing I could do to any of these cars would make them even semi close to the speed and thrill my MV Agusta provides. I'm headed back to the States next year and among the first things I do is to find a mint bone stock E46 M3 to add to my garage. That's the BMW to mod for a super fun daily driver, and now's the perfect time to get one. I actually had a E92 M3 on order, but opted against it in the end. I found I couldn't keep my eyes off the Z4 M Coupe. Now that I have it I'm very glad I made the switch. Personally I think it's BMW at their best. Minimal frills and lots of excitement and great road manners. I only wish BMW had not changed the US/Canada model's exhaust system, which is in place of a very nice set of unrestricted headers. That may end up being the only big mod I make to this car, which is to fit the Euro version exhaust. Better sound, better performance, and a bigger grin.


    Jbeene guest

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    Hilarious. Need to get the 3rd car garage before I get one of those. Though I've had my eye on a Black on Sepang one for awhile...

    I'm actually going to see Top Gear next Thursday night in London while I'm there.

    Should be a riot.

    Jakester1168 guest

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    I agree....IMO, it boils down to "driver skill" in the corners...that's one of the many reasons I love my Bimmer (and 911 for that matter)......anyone can go fast in a straight line, just look at the majority of Covette drivers...oh boy, did I just say that?...:D
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    I don't know, I was merely trying to point out the errors in your post. If that means I'm not being civil, so be it. You are flat-out wrong in your assessment wrt gear ratios between the cars, and non of your data/information is correct or logical. I wasn't aware that pointing out errors and mis-information automatically means "rude."
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    that's a bit harsh, chief -- "flat out wrong ...... none of your data/information is correct or logical" ??

    it was entertaining, and thought provoking. no need to slam the door on him.
    'why can't we all get along?'
    'Yes we can'


    mdheller guest

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    I agree, but look at his join date. Jan 1970? this guy is waaaay a more seasoned BMW guy than I am. I'll respect my elder club members with this one, but I agree there is no need to roast this guy. To be fair I've actually held back some posts pointing out errors in things that others have said. One guy from this thread was saying I would be faster if I changed my diff, fact is I had the diff changed *before* running the 335, and I still wasn't as fast in a straight line. I take comfort in knowing that if he tried to run me for an extended period of time he would get whooped after his breaks/car starts to overheat.

    In any event, play nice kids. We are all here because we are bmw fans. Lets save the hate for the domestic muscle

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