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how can the rear end suspension on 95 740-I be improved. That is rendered more steady

Discussion in 'E38 (1995-2001)' started by 318676, Nov 2, 2009.

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    I'd like to know if it is possible to stiffen the rear end suspension to make it steadier in turns. Is there a way to install anti-sway bar? Would that work? If yes , who in New Jersey (south... marlboro,old bridge, freehold be able to takle such a project? Thanks
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    You could install Bilstein (or similar) struts. You can put a strong strut in the front. Check E38.org.
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    I'm not quite clear on what you're experiencing exactly, or what condition you want changed or to improve?

    Are you finding it to be oversteering, or oversteering too quickly? Are you finding the back end bobbling up and down but not oversteering in turns?

    First, make sure there isn't some underlying problem - you could have worn rear suspension components (sway bar bushings, other bushings, etc.) - if you're at typical mileage for a 16 yr-old car, it would be no surprise for there to be worn suspension components, so you might want to get it checked by someone who knows the cars for starters.







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    Agree and then some...

    I had a 97 and thought that it was adequate for the car... especially when compared to my 84's... my 2006 was a whole different beast. The 97 was available with a stiffer suspension package (sport suspension) but would be expensive to change over without a donor car to take it off of. Mine was the normal suspension. I agree with previous post that you need to make sure that that you are not dealing with defective components first. When I sold my 97 it had 208K on it. I had replaced suspension components several times in that ownership and the car could get somewhat squirrelly when things were out of design spec. Most times there was a clunk or rattle associated with a defective component. Most of those repairs were not terribly expensive. Tires also make a significant difference in handling.
    In one panic maneuver I virtually had all of the cars weight on one wheel (drivers front) and this did some damage (bent sport rim, overstressed steering components) but saved the car (and me) from colliding with a tractor trailer. Needless to say that in my experience the car is very capable...any car that can get up on one wheel and still do its job is pretty damn good!


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