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Hot rod builder in San Jose ca

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Dino911, Mar 22, 2014.

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    I'm new to this site. I also belong to the Golden Gate Chapter for falcons. My '64 Futura won the "diamond in the rough", category a few year ago at the national meet here locally. I've lived in the area (San Jose) for seven years now and I have a few project cars in. Arious stages of completion. My newest project, a 1988 bmw 325 is convert is still on the trailer stuck in drive! I may need a bit of advice on how to get her off safely? She does run although a bit sporadic but it sat for several years also. I'm using sea foam in the gas tank along with a fuel injection cleaner as well. I could tell the tank is ok because the cap had not been removed. I look forward to updating the community on the build of my 325. I want to lower it a bit and buy/make the front spoiler and rear spoiler to hug the ground better. Any suggestions on where to purchase or fab these items would be helpfull image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Hmm - tricky to get it off trailer safely, emphasis on safely. No suggestions offhand as to why trans might be stuck, whether auto or manual. Perhaps one of the easier means would be to keep the front end of the car secured so it absolutely can't roll back, jack up the back end (perhaps jack on the diff, or middle part of the rear subframe), jam a couple of jack stands under the rear subframe, clumb under & unbolt the halfshafts from the diff, and suspend them by some beefy plastic wire tires along the metal part of the shaft (away from the boots) so the rear wheels could turn (the halfshafts need to be able to turn with the wheels). If the brakes work, you can control it's rolling momentum off the trailer with the brakes. If the parking brake works, you might be able to back it off without needing an extra set of hands to release tie-down straps or whatever. Not exactly the safest, most ideal setup to be under the car while it's jacked up or supported on jack stands while on a trailer. Having a car fall on you can put a bit of kink in anyone's day... that is, if you're not terminally crushed...!

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