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Holding out for the 535d

Discussion in 'Diesel' started by gilscales, Apr 29, 2011.

    gilscales guest

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    New to BMW CCA and fairly new to BMW with a 2008 535i and 2007 750i ( I am hooked for life now! ) but I have been a diesel fan for nearly 2 decades when I bought my first Ford diesel pick-up and have never looked back, owning 4 more with two of them being modified for extra power that I needed to tow heavy loads and it is amazing to me how easy it is to squeeze out so much more power than stock from a diesel while still retaining reliability.

    I recently test drove the 335d and was grinning ear to ear before it even warmed up at all that available torque, immediately my mind wandered to what could be done to the 535d we eventually expect here and have read articles of remapped 535d's with close to 400hp and 800 ft. Lbs.!

    CORRECTION! I was reading Euro figures, my mistake, looks like 350 to 380 HP and 520 to 590 ft. lb. of tourque, still impressive!

    I have about 18 mo. Left on my 750i's CPO warranty and will hold out for the 535d but how long will I have to wait ?

    two30grain guest

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    i have said a couple times here how awesome the 335d i got a chance to test drive was. i am completly sold on having a diesel for a DD.

    800 lb/ft of torque! I want to go to there!


    listerone guest

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    I just traded my "d" for an MB E350 Bluetec.I,too,was waiting for an F10 diesel but there was nothing more than rumors.If one was now available I'd be driving it.If one had been officially announced (like MB recently did with their S Class diesel) I'd be waiting for it.But BMW snoozed...and they lost (me,at least).

    cwbiii guest

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    My preference was a 7 diesel...

    I was waiting for a 7 diesel, even viewed the diesel dash in my 7 with the codes that accessed it... but realized it will be a long time before a diesel 7 is offered in the states so traded my 2006 750il in for a 2009 335d and am very happy with the choice. Boatloads of torque for the car, when my original 50k is up in about a year I'm probably going to upgrade the software to tap some of that unused potential. The soft point is the transmission, no tuner that I can find seems willing to put more than 500 ft lbs to the one provided with the car... probably with good reason. At some point it will bust something in the drive line or wear it out well before its time. My question is how much torque does it take to equal a stock M3? At least up to the speed limit of 128 mph... which is considerably faster than any speed I will take it anywhere but on a track.


    gilscales guest

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    The current M3 has 414 hp but only 295 ft. Lb. Of torque, BMW claims 5.1 seconds to 60, I would think with a remap of the ecu that a 335d could equal that 0-60 time with even better 50-80 times

    gilscales guest

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    Those (corrected) numbers are pretty close to what a stock Ford Powerstroke 6.0L turbo diesel puts out (with 1/2 the displacement!).

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