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High Lift Garage Doors - 12 Ft. Ceilings

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by CoolToolGuy, Nov 6, 2009.

    CoolToolGuy guest

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    I'm building a house, and it will have a 2 bay garage with 12 ft. ceilings. The community requires 2 doors. I want both doors to have high lift tracks, openers, springs, etc. so I can install a Backyard Buddy (or 2) without worrying about the door hitting the car on the lift.

    I thought this might be an option from the door company (Overhead Door), but they have a lot more for folks with low ceilings than for me.

    Has anyone been through this, or can you point me to someone who has? I have seen threads on garagejournal and DIYGarage Repair, but they mostly talk about conversions and what you have to replace. I'm hoping to have the builder order all the right stuff from the git-go and get it installed right the first time.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    Have Fun,

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    John in VA

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    I don't know if you're a Costco member, but check with them. They work with a local installer for Amarr doors.

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    You may have to use a commercial door if over 10' -

    http://www.raynor.com/homeowners/centura.cfm?tab=options (click the 'specialty' sizes pic), there's more if you explore the site -

    A friend here used a taller track combined with a shorter door to limit the door's ingress into the garage and leave clearance for a vehicle on a lift, but his garage depth was something like 22 ft.. If you don't need a 12' opening otherwise, you could have a shorter opening & door but perhaps use 10' or 12' door tracks? If you don't have the depth available to have the lift in far enough to clear the door when open, perhaps a rolling door?

    http://www.raynor.com/contractors/type_list.cfm?type=Rolling Some of the rolling models have insulated slats as an option, perhaps preferable for thermal efficiency in a residential install.

    I mention Raynor here as that's the brand I have, undoubtedly there's others.

    Is your lift primarily for extra vehicle storage? It looks like the backyard buddy has a 'hydraulic jack platform' option which would be handy if you need to pull the wheels off for brake work, etc. If it's not for storage, perhaps a conventional two-post lift would be adequate.

    If you're in a winter-climate area, consider a radiant heating system for your floor - no working on a freezing floor in the middle of winter!

    Google up garage doors or garage door manufacturers, see what comes up, you'll probably find the major garage-door makers in the country pretty quickly.

    CoolToolGuy guest

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    Thanks for the info - I'm still listening if anyone else has more tips.

    Have Fun,

    scanlonb guest

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    Car Storage Lift

    To: CoolToolGuy

    I have the same plans to use a 4-post garage lift for storage of 2 cars in one garage stall. Planning to go look at these models in person later this month. Also planning to bore a hole or two and make sure the floor slab is uniform thickness and adequate. Most specs are 4" minimum and 3,000psi strength.

    I have scheduled two local garage door installers to quote on modifications to my existing door to raise the track up and re-locate the opener to a wall mount. The ceiling height is 11' and I'd like to have the door track run as high as possible.

    Looking for any comments on experience with various brands of car lifts or door modifications.

    The lifts brands and models that I am considering are:

    Direct-Lift PP8 Plus: 8k, $2,195+$180 (shipping) www.directlift.com or Greg Smith Equipment www.gregsmithequipment.com Price includes jack tray, caster kit and drip trays. A model PP8 is also available at $1,895. China made. Ships from Madison IN, or Greg Smith locations in IN, DE or GA.

    BendPak HD-9: 9k, $2,500 delivered www.bendpak.com sold thru Garage Equipment Supply 800-261-7729, ask for 5% discount. China made. Ships from CA.

    Revolution Lift (Rotary) RFP9: 9k, ~$4,000 www.revolutionlift.com. Call 800-604-3359 to find dealer near you. Possibly USA made, ships from Madison, IN.

    Revolution (Rotary) and Direct-Lift are both divisions of Vehicle Service Group LLC and part of the same parent company Dover. Rotary is the commercial line www.rotarylift.com
    Revolution is Light-Duty line
    Direct-Lift is the Hobbyist line

    Although I am in Ohio, I am not considering the Backyard Buddy brand.

    Please share any thoughts or experiences.


    CoolToolGuy guest

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I watched and helped a friend of mine select, then install a lift, and I have to say I buy their sales pitch. That said, I think you can avoid the 'falling car' syndrome if you bolt the lift to the floor so the posts can't slip or twist.

    It seems there is another lift out there that is a copy of the Backyard Buddy (with the closed column) but costs less. Unfortunately, I can't remember the brand.

    Every once in a while I have a debate with myself over 2-post or 4-post, and 4-post always wins (for the first lift.) The 4-post is better for parking and that is what the first lift will be used for. If I see my way clear to get a second one, that will probably be a 2-post

    Good luck with your search

    Have Fun,

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