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Hate to beat a Dead Horse

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by 316364, Dec 10, 2013.

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    But when is the new website coming?
    This hard to navigate, bland and unfriendly thing is embarrassing to the club. I placed an order on the online store, which would have been good enough in 2001, for one of the limited edition watches, I received no notification of shipping time frame, have no way to check the order online and no ability to ask a question to a store specific person. I had to call the regular 800 number and guess which one of the menu items may get me some help, since the 800 number menu is just loaded up with Roundel specific selections. I was informed they will ship the 17th, and I was told like I was to stupid not to know this they it never says it ANYWHERE on the site. I guess 1 million dollars for a website does not buy much anymore?
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    I am truly sorry that you had such difficultly navigating the site. Fortunately you were able to place your order and we appreciate that. Had you given us time to process your order you would have received a follow up e mail letting you know when we anticipated shipping the watches and asking for verification of your preferred shipping address.

    Of the nine prompts on the automated answering system only 2 of them are Roundel related. You could have pressed any number at anytime and been put through to a member of the staff

    The idea that we spent a million dollars on the website is purely a work of fiction.


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