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Has anyone notice the sheer volume of parts that are NLA (No Longer Available) for the E32?

Discussion in 'E32 (1988-1994)' started by bcweir, Aug 3, 2014.

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    I am facing the issue in which I may need to destroy my existing trunklid for my 1988 BMW 750iL to gain entrance to the fuel pumps. I have a replacement trunklid sourced from a scrapyard, but one of the items that has gone NLA is the inside trunk lid liner that's fitted to the underside of the trunklid.

    Upon further investigation, there are numerous parts and components to these and other vehicles that are similarly NLA for this car in the RealOEM database and elsewhere. This is troubling as it makes it harder and harder for people who love these older vehicles to properly maintain them.

    Did you know that BMW ceased production of these trunk liners in late 1998, a mere four years after the last E32 rolled off the assembly line at the end of April 1994?

    I hope that owners of late model BMW's aren't snickering at the old fogey trying to keep such an "ancient" vehicle on the road. Last time I checked, the E9x and E60 cars are technically obsolete vehicles as well.

    I speak from experience because the BMW I owned prior to this one was a car similarly ignored by the aftermarket - a 1981 E21 BMW 3-series. It was tough finding parts for that car as well. Many people like to pretend the 3-series went straight from 1976 2002 to the 1984 E30. Not so. Check your facts, 3-series enthusiasts. There wouldn't have been an E30 without the E21 coming first.

    By contrast, did you know that enthusiasts of the first-gen Ford Mustangs (1964.5 to 1973) can STILL get the original pushbutton AM radio from Ford? If you have a VIN number, it's theoretically possible to build an all new 1964.5 Mustang from the ground up using Ford part numbers? You can even order a new bodyshell (complete with new and improved stronger welds) for around $14,000 - or the cost of a BMW DCT transmission replacement.
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    As an owner of a '94 740i, this concerns me as well. I almost recently purchased a very high mile '94 just as a parts car. It happened to be the same color combination as my car.

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