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H&R Sport Spring Set?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by swalters, Apr 17, 2010.

    swalters guest

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    I'm looking to put an H&R Sport Spring Set on my 2000 328i with a sport package.
    Does anyone have H&R springs? i've never driven them so i don't know how they ride or anything.
    Also what are things i need to know before buying them? do i need to replace anything else other than springs or can i just put the new springs on the car as is
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    John in VA

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    Many members have H&R springs. Perhaps a member local to you has a car with them and can take you for a ride.
    You need to know the make, year and model of your car to get the proper springs.
    Only you or your mechanic can say if you need additional parts. Many choose this time to replace the front strut inserts, strut bearings, spring pads, rear shocks, rear shock mounts, and spring pads as you will be duplicating the labor time and cost if you decide to do these items later. You might also have the steering parts condition assessed as some of these may need to come apart when working with the struts.
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    you should definitely replace struts and shocks, the lower, stiffer springs will cause them to go bad quicker, you'll have to get shocks designed for use with lowering springs

    I have H&R race springs with Bilstein sport shocks on my ti, nice setup but some people might find it too stiff
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    Huh? Why would you replace the struts? Lower springs don't do them in; rust does.
    AFAIK, only Bilstein does that. Every other shock manufacturer sells the same shock whether it's for shorter springs or not.

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