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Gas Mileage for Dense Traffic City Driving

Discussion in 'F22 (2014–)' started by lyledawnm240i, Apr 9, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    Hoping someone can shed some light on an issue I'm having.

    I drive a 2018 M240i with 1300 miles. Purchased new. I live in West Los Angeles and drive during normal hours, not in peak traffic hours, but it's still LA. According to Edmonds and BMW, I should be getting 20-22 mpg in city. Driving the car like an old lady in comfort mode, I'm getting between 12 and 13.5 mpg. I've tried driving in econo mode and I get 14.5. I've taken it the dealership that I purchased the car from several times and they tell me they find nothing wrong with the car. When my drive time is spent more on the freeway, the mileage is 18.9. Most of my drives are 4 to 6 miles each time. Typical city driving.

    Does anyone have a similar car? What's been your experience driving in the city? (Not asking about freeway mpg)

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    Hopefully Charlson will have some specifics - Presumably you've got some pretty sticky performance rubber on there as opposed to all-seasons, I wouldn't be surprised if 140 treadwear rating tires (assuming what you have is that, or maybe 200) costs 1 or 2 mpg. Presumably the dealer would've checked to make sure they're not low on air at least - you could probably run a few more psi on the tire inflation. If they are the perf. tires, seems generally like treadlife on perf.-tire-equipped bimmers is about 19k... of course you don't want to wear tires out prematurely in the middle running too much air pressure either. Wouldn't expect tires at all to come close to making up the mpg's you're talking about though.
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    The fuel mileage numbers for city driving vary greatly according to how the city driving is done. Any time the vehicle is idling more the less the MPG will be. So LA I can see it being quite a bit lower with the traffic there. But here in the midwest it is a lot better since our stop is go doesn't have us sitting to long. I get complaints every so often on highway mileage not hitting what the sticker says.

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