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Fuses keep blowing

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by jane240, Jan 27, 2011.

    jane240 guest

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    Dash lights, psgr. tail light, psgr. parking lights - all out - and keep blowing fuses. Techs cannot locate and want to replace general module and remove the after market alarm on my 1993 325i. Any ideas? Otherwise, good car.
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    I am assuming you have a cabrio if we are talking about a 1993 E30 325i. If so.

    I have had the exact same problem in my 1991 325ix!!!! Same fuse!!! It comes and goes. Months no fuses blowing, then all of a sudden, blows the second you turn the lights on and does so with every new fuse you put in! So I started digging around at the tail lights. I noticed my one backing/bulb holder for the tail lights had a lot of dialectic grease in it where it connects to the cars wiring harness. I assume it was dialectic grease. Anyway I cleaned it all out and as of now no more fuses blowing. Time will tell though.

    My only real suggestion is to work systematically through the two wiring systems on this fuse. Try and isolate the problem. It will either be at a connector or a break somewhere in the wiring harness. I would start at the connectors for the exterior lights. Systematically unplug them and see if you keep blowing the fuse. If the fuse stops blowing after unplugging something, then the problem is most likely in that area. If unplugging items does not solve the problem, then check the wiring, looking for breaks and damaged areas. Potentially you could have to remove a lot of parts to find this problem. Pray the problem is not under the dash! There are just so many wires in there. Good Luck!!!!
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    She PROBABLY has an E36 and didn't understand that the overlap is only for the cabrio.

    So, jane240, which is it? Do you have a steel roof?
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    Yeah, there is no general module on an E30, so my vote is E36.

    Also, I have removed countless malfunctioning aftermarket alarm systems for causing battery drains or blown fuses. I'd ask them to try that first and leave the general module alone for now.
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    If it's Fuse #10, here's the solution: Your backup lights electrical system has an exposed wire and when the exposed wire touches metal it will cause Fuse #10 to blow. You can try to find the place the wire is bad and tape it or just unplug it from the top of the transmission. I think it is a green wire. It's real easy to unplug so you can give it a try at least. You won't have backup lights if it's unplugged. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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