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Found windows and moo roof open twice without any interaction by me

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by dougwarner, Sep 23, 2011.

    dougwarner guest

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    I have a 2007 530xi that has given me nothing but trouble. I bought it from a dealer with 60k..bought the extended warranty and litterally the dealer has had the car nearly as much as I have over the last month. Twice within the past two weeks I have gone out in the morning to get in the car to find that all the windows were down and the moon roof open. Thankfully both times this happened there hasn't been any rain so no damage but this is really peculiar. I have always driven older BMW's so I'm still not familiar with all the systems but it's almost as if this was a safety mechanism that activated to make sure someone doesn't get trapped inside the car. Can anyone shine any light on this?


    cory1223 guest

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    if you leave your key in your pocket and something presses and holds the unlock button it will do that.
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    I had that happen to me twice, and it was indeed the remote being in my pocket and pressing the button by mistake. Since I'vee been careful with the remote, it never happened again. Amazin how long is the range on the remote when you don't need it.

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