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For lack of a better manual. (headlamp and fixed window replacement) '93 E34 touring.

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by puma, Oct 9, 2008.

    puma guest

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    So it all started with a punk kid who shot the rear fixed (small triangle shaped) window out with a BB gun. A couple weeks later my low-beam headlight lens cracked letting water in and shorting out any new bulb I install.

    I ordered both parts and was all set to do the replacements. When I went to grab my (PRICY) Bentley manual from the trunk compartment I discovered that the broken window (which had been shielded with plastic) let in water and started a mold farm on my manual.:mad:
    So needless to say the manual is unusable so I went to the trusty bimmer diy site. All of their links are broken.

    Anyway, that's the story. But now I need to find a how-to on installing the headlight lens and the window. I'm pretty sure I know the headlight fix. (remove grill, etc...) but I've never worked with the glass before. I've replaced the motorized windows on a 3-series before but never the fixed window. Do I need to remove the door panel? the exterior trim? Do I need to use adhesive or does it just snap in with the clips?

    Any help or links would be a great help. I spent my wad on these new parts and can't go buy a new manual anytime soon.

    Thanks for any help!


    puma guest

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    I just replaced the headlight without a hitch. A big pain to have to take the whole grill off!

    But I'm still unsure of the window.
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    You need to remove the interior door panel, the exterior trim, the movable window, and possibly the window regulator to get the guide rail out. After that, don't know off the top of my head. You may need to remove the rubber weather strippping on the door. maybe someone with a Bently manual handy can help.

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