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fog lights

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by JMS00007, Jul 10, 2008.

    JMS00007 guest

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    I Have an 04' 545. Does anyone know how 2 change the fog light bulbs in these cars? I called the dealer and they told me I have 2 take oof the fenderwell cover.

    William H Marsh guest

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    '04 545i FogLamp Bulb Replacement

    I recently replaced the entire fog lamps on my 2004 545i (lots of rock dings). That required removing the entire bumper trim panel. However, to just replace the bulbs, you should be able to proceed as follows:

    1) Put the front of your car on ramps (I use "Rino Ramps" from local auto parts store - about $40).
    2) Loosen the eight (8) blue phillips head screws on the under-bonnet screen (only one or two turns to loosen and they are retained by a keeper so they DO NOT come out). I took this opportunity to replace my under-bonnet screen (about $75).
    3) Lower the screen slightly and slide back to remove.
    4) Inside the fender well, use a small ratchet to remove the hex head screws attaching the bottom cover along the bottom of the inner fender well. It is not necessary to remove the tires. Lower the back of the bottom cover and slide back to remove. You may want to take this opportunty to replace the bottom covers as the little air dams in front of the tires are easily damaged. They are about $12 each.
    5) This should allow access the the back of the fog lights.
    6) Carefully remove the wiring harness connector from the lamp.
    7) Twist the body of the lamp connector about one-third turn counter-clockwise to unlock and pull out the lamp assembly.

    NOTE: Be very carefull with the lamps, they are filled with high pressure gas. Also, DO NOT TOUCH the new lamp when installing it. Fingerprints on the glass bulb will cause it to crack and explode.

    Hope this helps :)

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