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First Bimmer I Ever Drove...

Discussion in 'E3 "New 6", 2500, 2800, Bavaria 3.0S & 3.0Si (1968' started by eblue540, Mar 22, 2008.

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    My First BMW - '71 2002

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    My jr. high buddy's dad drove a grey Bavaria. Very early 70s. That's what started it all.
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    My boss sold me his 1981 BMW 320i back in 2001.

    I LOVED that car. Contracted a terminal case of Roundel syndrome. I've been a basketcase ever since.

    Unfortunately, that poor little car i looked forward to restoring drowned under 12 feet of water in Hurricane Katrina. My current 750iL is the car's successor -- nothing replaces your first love.
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    Just a year ago I bought my first BMW, a 1973 Bavaria 3.0 which I am still restoring. A good start, an expensive one so far but enjoy every minute of it, and so the people that see me and my wife driving around town. Its a great car and piece of history, I hope to have it back to its original shape soon.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    I don't think I ever drove a BMW before I bought the 3.0CS in the late '70s; sold it a few years later. I fell in love with the 325iX when I saw it in action in the 1988 AlCan WInter Rally. It took six more years before perfect storm of available car and lack of credit oversight allowed me and VISA to add the Bad Dog to the fleet. Since then, I have acquired—or been close to the acquiree of—two E36 M3s, two more iXes, a 2002ti, a 335i, and the roadster. Both M3s moved on, as did one iX and the ti. Bambi killed the Red Rat, an iX foh-doh.

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