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Extended Warranty

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by MikeA, May 28, 2009.

    MikeA guest

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    I have 30 days to extend the factory warranty on my 2005 M3 -31,000 miles.

    The cost is $2000 for 2 years

    Inspection $600
    Brakes 1800
    Oil change 80

    Is it worth it. How long generally do the brakes last?

    Do I just shoot craps on the brakes? The parts cost me $1200 if I do the work myself???

    Dealer says I really should buy it. Big surprise !!

    Any Ideas

    2005 M3 Conv E46
    • Member


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    $80 for an oil change? The dealer usually charges north of $200 for that...

    Lexington guest

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    Are we talking warranty or maintenance?

    Autohaus guest

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    Looks like it is the extendend maintenance plan. You can get brakes and other parts at Bavauto.com, Pelicanparts.com, bimmerparts.com, etc... for way less than $1200 in brake parts. I would rather get the extended 2 year warranty, however, your mileage is rather low for being only 4 years old. You will burn through the warranty in time, meaning the warranty expires 6 years from in service date or 100K miles, whichever comes first. My advice? Save the $$$$ and invest in GM :). Really, save the money and put it in a high interest (yeah right) account and dip in it when you need repairs on the M3.

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