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extended maintenance program for an 07 335xi

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by billome, Mar 25, 2011.

    billome guest

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    drive about 12 - 13k per year, recently had turbos, injectors, hpfp replaced, at 2k + is this program worth it or is there something out there better...
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    The extended maintenance program covers routine/scheduled maintenance such as oil changes. Replacing the things you've listed (turbos, injectors, hpfp) are warranty type items. The hpfp should have a 10 year/100K warranty, and the turbos and injectors should be covered under the 4 year/50K warranty that comes with the car. If you're worried about and/or are looking to cover the turbos, injectors, and hpfp in the future, you should probably look into (research) the extended warranty or a third party type warranty.
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    Extended Warranty for BMW x35i

    If you (or anybody) are really looking ahead, at the purchase (or keeping) of an existing late model BMW, buy the best, most complete extended warranty you can possibly get. No matter what you pay for it now, you will still probably be $$$$ ahead when it's all said and done.
    BMWs in general are historically quite expensive to maintain. I know, I've had several. The newer models are on a dangerous, downward spiral in terms of quality and reliability. The complexity of the N54 / N55 engine systems would inevitably lead to even higher maintenance/repair costs. In your case, since the main failure items have already been replaced, you might not have quite the same level of expected costs. But, regardless you will still have to replace the entire cooling system in the future, since they are made almost completely of plastic.

    If the car you're talking about has the GM sourced automatic transmission ... oh boy. They're really quite nice, when they're working. But, when they go south, sit down before they tell you the repair bill total.

    Your question " ... is there something out there better... ?" Definitions are needed.

    Is there anything more fun to drive, for the money ... IMO not really.

    Some would point you to Audi. I couldn't argue with them much.
    Some might look toward Mercedes. Nice cars, but even more expensive than BMW.
    The Japanese cars are generally very well engineered and built. Usually very good value. But, do they drive like you and I enjoy? Not really. Maybe some day.

    If your main concern is value and reliability, you just about have to look across the Pacific, although there is no perfect choice out there. They all have their failings.

    For real driving, you've got to look across the Atlantic. Get some kind of good, extended warranty.

    We have a 2008 335xi. OMG! Fun to drive! ... But, living with it has been VERY frustrating and over the last 8 months, just plain miserable. When the lease is up ... it's GONE.

    After that, I pull the 540i Sport out of the garage for my fun factor.

    You decide ... but buckle up. It might be a bumpy$ ride.

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    DMMAI gives a realistic and sober assessment to our cars. He ought to be an advertising copy writer, but with that kind of experiential candor, he'll not be a candidate for one in North America. Between "weight-saving" molded plastic resin parts, and increasing percentages of ethanol, our expensive toys may be the death of our savings accounts.
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    I recently drove a Lexus IS350 with some "F" upgrades. I was impressed. True, it drove more like a M/B than a BMW but that isn't necessarily bad. It all depends on whether one wants that "edgy" performance at the expense of ride comfort or whether one is willing to give up some handling to get a more comfortable ride in a daily drive car. I have to say, my 335is feels like a hyperactive jackrabbit after driving that Lexus.

    I want to try out the M3 with the adjustable suspension. That sounds like the ideal setup (except for the M3's god-awful fuel economy).
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    I am at 60,000 miles and drive a 2007 328i Coupe. I worry that it will break down since I do not have the extended warranty. I do have the extended maint plan.
    Anyway I figure the plan cost about 1500.00 so I figure if I have to fix something and its less than 1500.00 I will be okay. Next thing I am thinking about how long will I keep it.

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