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Ext warranty and DHP Maintenance Questions

Discussion in 'F25 X3 (2010-present)' started by vzx.vzx, Apr 15, 2015.

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    I've asked around and read a lost of posts about purchasing extended maintenance + warranty.

    Came out with this conclusion:
    Ext warranty - purchase for peace of mind.
    Ext maintenance - not worth it unless you need 2 brake jobs in 2 years.

    My dealer offered 2 different ext warranty options:
    BMW platinum Plus - ~ 4700 6 yrs or 100K (From original in service date)
    Premier plus vehicle service contract (3rd party warranty) - ~ 3800 6 yrs of 100K (from date of purchase of warranty) with $0 deductible.

    Has anyone had any experience with this particular 3rd party warranty company. Seems like a good deal - would extend my warranty close to 150K miles and 12 years (if bought right when factory warranty expires)

    Would you prefer factory warranty vs 3rd party warranty?


    Most folks report ext maintenance is not worth it unless you drive aggressively and need both front and rear brake/rotors replaced. At most, you'd break even.

    I have DHP in my car. Can anyone comment on maintenance costs with DHP installed? Would there be more maintenance with DHP? Are parts more expensive with DHP?
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    Hard to really say with out seeing what the 3rd party won't cover. From my experience with 3rd party is they are really big pain to deal with and most have quite a bit of gray and not covered areas. The BMW cpo program is really good and covers over 12,000 parts on your vehicle besides wear and tear. Yes maintenance depending on how much you drive can be worth it or not. The brakes are what makes it worth it.
    As for the DHP does that mean dynamic handling package? If so yes the parts are more expensive for the shocks and sensors and modules. No there is no more maintenance compared to a vehicle without it.

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