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E92 Wiper Blade inserts (335is)

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by MGarrison, Oct 3, 2012.

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    From a realoem.com part # search, looks like this could apply to E92's & E93's.

    Realoem.com and Bavauto only list the entire wiper assembly for replacement, Bavauto.com showing a set of left & right for $58.00.

    It's possible to swap in a standard BMW insert (pn#: 61 61 8 217 711; $5.95 ea.), with some care.

    The wiper blade assembly consists of two wide metal strips, a couple of plastic end caps, a couple of retaining clips mid-way between the center attachment clip and the end clips, the center arm-attaching clip, and the rubber wiper blade, which is molded with an upper section that acts as an airfoil, presumably to ensure the wiper blad maintains good contact with the windshield when the wipers are used at speed.

    The hardest part of disassembly is prying off one of the end caps. I took a small flat-bladed screwdriver, and with the bottom side of the wiper facing up, held the wiper, and carefully pushed one side of the end cap outwards (away from the rubber insert) and towards the end of the wiper blade. This is to move the clip over and up a bit, so it's out, or partially out, of the détente in the metal strip. While holding that just-shifted side of the clip in place with my thumb, I repeated the procedure for the other half of the clip, which freed it from the metal strips and end of the wiper blade assembly. This took some force and effort, and I had to be careful to make sure the screwdriver wouldn't slip and stab my hand or face - so, due caution is necessary with that approach.

    I then slid off the retaining clip, and pulled the rubber insert free, up to the center clip section. The center clip is pretty easily freed, push the two metal strips together enough to free it from the aligning cutouts, which are cut into the middle of the metal strips. With the arm-attaching clip off, slide off the other retaining clip, and you can pull out the rubber wiper blade insert. No need to remove the 2nd end clip.

    The BMW wiper blade insert is designed for old-Bosch-style BMW oem wiper blade arms and has two steel strips. Remove those, and the slots they were in are what you slide your wiper arm strips into. Get the new rubber insert into the still-attached end-clip, and get the wiper blade situated to the metal strips. The retaining clips are shaped to fit the upper airfoil blade of the original wiper blade, and will just slide without the original airfoil providing some friction, but I think their primary function is to clamp the mid-section of the blade. I'd say re-install the clip, and with a razor-blade, cut off maybe a 3/4" section or so of the top of the original blade, and slide it back in under the clip, which in theory may act to hold the clip in place, and allow it to do its clamping job. Squeeze together metal blades in the the center section, and re-fit the arm-attaching clip (I was able to do that by hand, didn't need much force). Slide on and position the other retaining clip, and cleanly cut the rubber blade to the same length as the metal strips, or perhaps a smidge shorter, and slide back on the end clip. Fit it back to your windshield wiper arm, &, ta-da.

    This sacrifices the upper airfoil molded into the original blade insert, and it's functionality. Since I just did this, I don't have a comment on if that's a problem, or how likely it is to be. By the same token, maybe it ain't such a great idea to be cruising at 80 mph when it's raining, anyway. However, if your E92 is outta warranty, perhaps a sub-$20 solution is acceptable. Track-driven cars might want to stick with the OEM blades, just as a precaution with the original airfoil design.

    Worst case scenario, the wiper blade insert slips out and/or the assembly comes apart, leaving a disfunctional wiper and maybe even scratching the windshield, which obviously would be bad - so, be forwarned, and proceed at your own risk. $60 is cheap compared to a windshield replacement.

    I'll update my experience as it develops.

    One disassembly note - there may be an easier method than applying brute-force to the end clip; Use a razor blade or exacto knife to slice the bottom of the blade off, separating it from the upper airfoil section. The upper section can't be pulled through the centered attaching clip, so cut the top-side of the rubber blade at the middle section, and remove as much of the upper airfoil section as possible. With the blade insert freed from the metal strips, it may be easy to squeeze the end sections together and much more easily free up the end clip to get it removed, as well as the center attaching clip.

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